9th Apr 2024

Your Ultimate Guide to Rainbow Curtains with The Mill Shop

Your Ultimate Guide to Rainbow Curtains with The Mill Shop

Ever watched a rainbow stretch across the sky, its vibrant colours painting a picture of hope and joy? Imagine bringing that very spectacle into your home. Yes, we're talking about rainbow curtains.

No longer just for kids' rooms or nurseries, these colourful window dressings are taking the interior design world by storm.

You’ll find yourself captivated by our array of colourful curtains designed with quality and longevity in mind. Colourful curtains are able to add life to an otherwise drab room.

The Mill Shop is extremely excited to tell you about  our new rainbow curtains, set to go live on our website very soon! We’re blessed with an array of curtains in over fifteen stunning colours already and this is a much-awaited addition to our collection.

From brightening up spaces to creating cheerful vibes - whether it's with blackout eyelet designs in children’s bedrooms or door curtain variations adorning patio doors; they promise an instant splash of colour and fun.

Let’s look at how to choose the perfect curtains for every room – from measuring tips to understanding various styles.

Table Of Contents

  1. Rainbow curtains - exploring a colourful range of window dressings
    • The impact of colour on your mood
    • Create balance with your decor
    • Our curtain collection
  2. Accessorising your rainbow curtains
    • Red curtains
    • Yellow curtains
    • Blue curtains
    • Orange curtains
    • Green curtains
  3. Choosing the perfect curtains for your home
    • The appeal of blackout curtains
    • The charm of eyelet curtains
  4. Adding a splash of colour to your space with our new rainbow curtains
    • A fairytale dream come true
  5. Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
    • What colour curtains are trending?
    • What should curtains match in a room?
    • What are the best curtain colours?
    • What colour curtains make a room look bigger?

Rainbow curtains - exploring a colourful range of window dressings

Like an artist’s palette or a garden in full bloom, our wonderful curtains can transform any space into something truly magical.

From radiant red to cheerful yellow, calming green, cool blue and energetic orange curtains; our curtains help you bring a unique splash of colour to any room. As well as being visually stunning, these vibrant colours have their own psychological benefits that can enhance your mood and complement your interior decor.

The Mill Shop offers an extensive range of colourful ready-made curtains in various styles for every taste and preference. We strive to bring cheer and contentment into households everywhere with our top-notch items.

The impact of colour on your mood

The world of colourful curtains is an enchanting one. These vibrant window dressing options have the potential to breathe life into any room, adding both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits. In addition to enhancing visual interest, these vivacious coverings also influence the mood within a space because colours tend to evoke certain feelings in people.

The warm hues like reds, yellows and oranges stimulate energy levels making them ideal for living areas where activity takes place. On the other hand, cooler shades such as blues or greens induce relaxation which makes them perfect for bedrooms or bathrooms where we want calmness.

This concept extends even more so when applied in combination – creating an explosion of positivity. Our new rainbow curtains give you not just one but multiple bursts of colour all at once.

This emotional connection goes beyond just aesthetics – it plays a pivotal role in making our homes feel truly ours: personal sanctuaries where we feel most comfortable.

Create balance with your decor

Balancing colours is vital when incorporating vibrant drapes into your space. If you've fallen head over heels for our pink curtains, keep other elements neutral so they don't compete with these beautiful pink tones. Our pink curtains teamed with plush white faux fur rugs and mirrored furniture is a must for on-trend bedrooms and dressing rooms. If green is more up your alley, let those forest vibes shine. Pair our green curtains with cream walls and natural wood accents for an earthy yet elegant touch.

Our curtain collection

We offer versatile options ranging from classic pencil pleat curtains right through to contemporary eyelet designs allowing easy installation onto curtain poles. So whether it's fiery red curtains sparking passion into your space, soothing green ones injecting tranquillity or joyous yellow enhancing optimism, we've got you covered.

In addition to this delightful palette comes functionality too. Blackout curtains available in many designs help maintain darkness during daytime hours - ideal if late morning slumbers are on the agenda or you need to reduce glare while watching TV.

If energy efficiency is high on your priority list then thermal-lined options could be right up your alley. They're designed to help maintain room temperature, which can contribute towards a good night's sleep and even save you money on energy bills.

If you're someone who enjoys natural sunlight but wants some privacy at night time, consider opting for sheer voile curtains - they beautifully diffuse daylight while preserving seclusion once dusk falls.

Accessorising your rainbow curtains

To complete your room’s transformation, we also offer a selection of accessories. From matching cushions that can add extra comfort and style, to pelmets and scarves that add a level of luxury to your home, our collection ensures you have everything you need for a cohesive look.

At The Mill Shop, we offer much more than curtains. We're passionate about adding a touch of joy, warmth and charm to your home through our carefully-crafted range of products.

While we know you can’t wait to get your hands on our rainbow curtains as soon as they go live, adorn the other rooms in your home with our colourful curtains. Here are some of our favourites from the collection.

Red curtains

Voiles are the perfect way of letting natural light into your home while still getting the privacy you need. Red is a warm and passionate colour - a great focal point of any room.

If you’re wanting something completely blackout rather than a sheer style curtain, our Warrington Faux Wool Lined Blackout Eyelet Curtain in stunning deep red is a must. The perfect addition to traditional living spaces, creating a cosy and ambient home.

Yellow curtains

Yellow is such a fun and vibrant colour. Bursts of yellow in a room are a great way to promote happiness and feel-good vibes. Yellow curtains can be incorporated into any room seamlessly.

Door curtains are a fantastic addition to any home. They help to keep out nasty draughts, keep your home warm, and reduce energy consumption and the cost of your bills.

Blue curtains

The stunning duck egg blue curtains featured above are also available in a royal navy blue. The metallic detailing is a beautiful and eye-catching feature. Any curtain styled with a matching pelmet looks straight out of the pages of a stately home interior design magazine.

Blue Voile Tied Blinds are ideal for feminine and classy dressing rooms or sweet and dainty nurseries. These stunning blinds are available in an array of colours such as red, pink, purple, orange and green, as well as many more. This means there really is something to suit all styles.

Orange curtains

Patterned curtains are big in the interior design scene at the moment. Keep other areas of your room neutral such as plain sofas and walls and let your curtains do the talking. Floral patterns will always be in style. Who doesn’t love bringing the outside in through stunning floral details? We also offer matching cushions (as seen above).

Carrying on with our love for patterns and all things inspired by the beauty of nature, our Terracotta Kensington Lined Pencil Pleat Curtains are perfect for stylish living rooms in need of a show-stopping window dressing.

Green curtains

At The Mill Shop, we have a range of green curtains in various shades such as olive, mint and deep emerald. The deep green curtains featured above have a delicate, beautiful and soft gold print. The velour material is extremely luxurious - imagine them in a bedroom with pale green walls and gold accessories.

Velour is such a beautiful material, we had to showcase it twice. These Green Venice Velour Curtainswith metallic details are super opulent, creating a relaxed and inviting atmosphere (they are also available in grey, pink, navy, and neutral).

Whether you favour bold patterns or subtle hues, your curtain choice is a chance to let your personality shine through. It's not just about picking something practical - it's also about making a creative statement in your home.

Choosing the perfect curtains for your home

When it comes to injecting a vibrant burst of colour into your home, our colourful curtain collection can do just that. But how do you go about choosing the perfect ones? The Mill Shop has more than 35 years in the curtain industry, so our expertise can lend a helping hand.

The appeal of blackout curtains

If you've ever needed darkness during daytime hours (perhaps for an afternoon nap or if you're working night shifts and need to sleep during the day) then blackout curtains could be a great fit. They come in all colours imaginable.

You might think that blackout implies plain black or dark-coloured fabric only. But at The Mill Shop we believe everyone should have their dream curtains no matter what functionality they desire. That's why we offer ready-made blackout curtains in a range of colours. You get complete light control without compromising on aesthetics.

The charm of eyelet curtains

Beyond function is form – style matters. If elegance is something high on your priority list when dressing up your windows, eyelet designs could be exactly what you're after.

Elegant yet straightforward, eyelet curtains (also known as ring top curtains) add visual interest and make installation a breeze due to their large holes atop which simply slide onto curtain poles.

Don't forget to measure your window before making any purchase. To learn more about this process, check out our detailed guide ‘Perfect Fit: A Comprehensive Guide To Curtain Size’.

Eyelet designs also make it easy to create beautiful folds and pleats in your curtain fabric. So if you're looking for an effortlessly stylish window treatment that's simple to install, look no further than eyelet curtains.

Adding a splash of colour to your space with our new rainbow curtains

Rainbow curtains can be used to celebrate pride in shops and university halls, to add a splash of colour in living and dining rooms, or they look bright and stylish in kids' rooms. Your child's room is like a personal kingdom, a place where their dreams start and creativity blooms.

One way to spark that magic is by transforming their space into a colourful spectacle with rainbow curtains. The Mill Shop's kids blackout curtains, for instance, not only brighten up the room but also block out any unwanted light during nap or bedtime. Imagine your little one sleeping peacefully under a canopy of vibrant hues.

If you're after more layers in your child’s curtain arrangement, consider adding voiles. With an extra layer added for texture and depth, this display brings another dimension of fun to any window space.

A fairytale dream come true

Weaving tales from faraway lands right onto your window sills is made easy thanks to The Mill Shop's rainbow curtains. Our dreamy curtains can turn every sleepover into a fairy tale adventure. These enchanting curtains encourage imaginative play while adding charm to the decor.

Rainbow colours have long been associated with positivity and joy – perfect vibes that we want our children surrounded by as they grow. But it isn't just about aesthetics; quality matters too when choosing the right dressings for those precious windows.

The good news? All products at The Mill Shop pass rigorous quality checks before they reach your hands. So you can rest easy knowing that our rainbow curtains are as durable and safe as they are beautiful.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) in relation to colourful curtains

What colour curtains are trending?

Currently, deep jewel tones like emerald green and sapphire blue are on trend. Softer pastels, especially blush pink and sage green, also rule the roost.

What should curtains match in a room?

Curtains don't need to match but they should harmonise with your decor. They can either complement existing colours or introduce an accent shade for contrast.

What are the best curtain colours?

The ‘best’ colour is subjective as it depends on your personal style and a room's palette. However, neutrals such as greys or whites usually blend well with most decors.

What colour curtains make a room look bigger?

Selecting lighter-coloured curtains like cream or white can help create an illusion of more space in smaller rooms by reflecting light.

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