Door Curtains

Door curtains are stylish and versatile, and at The Mill Shop we have an extensive range of single thermal door curtains so you’re sure to find something that suits your aesthetic and needs. 

Whether you’re looking for a simple yet effective way to maintain privacy with your doors open during the summer months, or you’re wanting to retain heat in the winter - our door curtains are available in a wide variety of fabrics, colours, designs, and patterns. 

Do door curtains keep heat in?

All door curtains will stop unwanted cold air entering your home and prevent heat escaping. At The Mill Shop we also have the best thermal door curtain collection for you to browse. 

How to fit a door curtain pole?

You can buy extendable door curtain poles that will fit a range of door sizes and can easily be screwed into the wall above your door. Alternatively, if you’ve opted for light-weight door curtains for privacy such as voiles you could use a tension rod that’s super easy to fit and doesn’t require drilling.

This is a great option for rented properties. For other renter friendly DIY hacks read our blogs ‘How To Hang Curtains Without A Drill’ and ‘How To Make A Rented Home Look & Feel Like Your Own’.

For some quick and easy expert advice, why not head over to our blog section! We have a huge selection of expert written blogs to help answer any questions you might have on curtains, curtain fitting, blinds, home furnishing accessories and much more. Here are a few our our favourite Mill Shop blog recommendations.

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