At The Mill Shop, we understand how the colour of your curtains can make or break the aesthetics of a room. That’s why we’ve created our colour categories so you can find the colour that’s perfect for your home. Style our green curtains with cushions in a matching shade. 

Green curtains offer a breath of fresh air, bringing nature and vitality into any room. Green is associated with growth, bringing a calm ambiance into your home. 

From forest green to light mint we have something to suit all styles at The Mill Shop. Our range of green curtains help to evoke a sense of outdoor serenity, creating an atmosphere of tranquility. 

Whilst our green curtains are practical with thermal and black-out features, they’re also stunning. Filtering natural light and providing insulation whilst infusing a touch of nature’s natural charm. 

You can check out our tie back/pelmet/scarves collection for inspiration on how to style your green curtains to create a truly impressive window display. 

Colour psychology is where a colour can influence a person's feelings and emotions. Green encompasses feelings of balance and harmony, perfect for winding down in your bedroom or for keeping things calm in a busy living room. 

Style with pale warm colours such as stone or egyptian cotton and opt for a scandinavian style to draw it all together. 

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