11th Dec 2023

Perfect Fit: A Comprehensive Guide to Curtain Size

Perfect Fit: A Comprehensive Guide to Curtain Size

Have you ever stood in front of a window, tape measure in hand, feeling like an explorer lost in the wild jungle that is curtain size? No worries if it's happened to you - even the most experienced of us can find ourselves in that situation. But just imagine how satisfying it would be to confidently choose curtains that perfectly frame your windows and enhance your space.

We're not talking about mere fabric here. No, these are essential elements of room aesthetics - functional pieces that can transform sunlight into art and privacy into peace. Where to commence on this quest? And more importantly: how do we make sure our curtain adventures end with spectacular views instead of tangled messes?

So, whether you're revamping your space or just want to freshen up the look, this measuring guide has got you covered. Dive in for a smooth curtain shopping experience!

Table Of Contents

  1. Understanding curtain size
    • Why correct curtain sizes matter
    • Difference between curtain width and drop
  2. Types of curtains and their sizes
    • Understanding eyelet curtains
    • Choosing pencil pleat curtains
  3. Measuring curtain size for different window treatments
    • Guide to measuring curtains for poles
    • Curtain tracks - tips and tricks
  4. Choosing the right curtain size for your space
    • How to calculate finished width of curtains
  5. Comparing eyelet vs pencil pleat in terms of sizes
    • Let’s recap sizing

Understanding curtain size

Have you ever wondered, 'What is curtain size?' Well, it's all about width and drop. Accurately measuring your curtains is essential for creating a room that looks and feels perfect.

The importance of properly-sized curtains cannot be overstated. Just like Cinderella's glass slipper, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as finding that perfect fit for your windows. But how do we determine this so-called ideal curtain size for our window?

Why correct curtain sizes matter

A common curtain question people ask when they start measuring their windows is why does it matter if my curtains are exactly the right size? The answer lies in both functionality and aesthetics.

Curtains that are too short or narrow won't give you enough privacy or block out light effectively. On the other hand, overly long or wide drapes may appear heavy and overwhelming in smaller spaces.

Difference between curtain width and drop

To measure curtains correctly requires understanding two key dimensions - width (how wide) and drop (how long). These terms relate directly to how much fabric is needed across your pole or track (width), along with how far down towards the floor it should hang (drop).

  • To measure curtain width, this generally refers to the total coverage required horizontally across your chosen hanging system such as poles/tracks.
  • Meanwhile, to measure curtain drop means measuring the vertical length of your curtain from its hanging point down to where it finishes.

Types of curtains and their sizes

Dressing your windows with curtains can transform a room, but knowing the correct size is crucial. From eyelet to pencil pleat styles, let's explore their sizing considerations.

Understanding eyelet curtains

The modern appeal of eyelet curtains (also known as ring-top or grommet top curtains) comes from their simplicity. These curtain types are typically hung on poles rather than tracks for a sleek finish and are considered more modern than any pencil pleat, no matter by what method they are hung.

In terms of curtain measurements, remember that each panel in a pair measures separately. For example, if you purchase ready-made eyelet curtains sized at 229 x 229 cm (90 inches), this means each individual panel measures these dimensions - not combined.

You'll want double gather when measuring window width so it opens fully and lets light in. If your window width is around 200 cm wide then look for curtain sizes around this measurement too. The Mill Shop has an extensive range suitable for all tastes.

Choosing pencil pleat curtains

Pencil pleat curtains offer a more traditional style yet still maintain universal appeal. The tightly-gathered folds resemble pencils lined up side by side (hence the name).

Sizing these beauties correctly requires consideration of both drop and width just like with any other type of curtain. When buying standard-sized pencil pleats – such as those found at The Mill Shop - keep in mind widths usually come in several options: 45 inches (114 cm), 65 inches (165 cm), 90 inches (229 cm), even stretching up to an impressive 120 inches (305 cm).

Measuring curtain size for different window treatments

If you're sprucing up your space with some fresh window curtains, getting the curtain size right is key. So, how do you measure curtains properly? Well, it depends on whether you’ll hang curtains on a pole or a track.

Guide to measuring curtains for poles

To start measuring curtains for poles, get hold of a trusty tape measure. Measure from the top of your eyelet curtain pole down to where you want your curtain drop to finish. Remember that each panel in a pair measures individually; so if it says 229 x 229 cm, each panel is this size.

The next step involves width measurement: take note of the total width across the front face of your eyelet curtain pole (not including finials). This will help determine how wide each single panel needs to be. Bear in mind that typically double gather is preferred (which means having twice as much fabric as window width) especially if using standard curtains.

Curtain tracks - tips and tricks

If we talk about tracks instead of poles then measuring becomes slightly different but no less important. For starters let's remember ring-top styles like grommet tops are not suitable because they can only hang on poles.

In contrast, pencil pleats work well both ways so use those when dealing with tracks. Begin again by determining desired finished drop, but now add an extra centimetre allowance above the track to ensure your curtains hang correctly.

Measuring curtain width for tracks is similar. Take note of the full track length and use this measurement when looking for standard ready-made pencil pleat curtains. In general, having each single panel match the total track length ensures a satisfying full gather effect which looks great in any dining room or bay window.

Choosing the right curtain size for your space

Your room's aesthetics can be significantly enhanced by choosing the right curtain size. Whether you're considering sill length, floor length curtains or something in between, it all comes down to your window measurements and personal style.

How to calculate finished width of curtains

To get started with selecting your perfect curtain size, start measuring your window width. This is a crucial step as it helps determine the total width of your curtains. Remember that each panel in a pair measures separately so if you purchase 229 x 229 cm curtains each panel will measure this way.

A common question we get at The Mill Shop is about desired gather: how full do you want your curtains to look? For medium gather (which most people prefer), double the measurement of your window width should suffice for both curtain panels combined. If light-blocking or privacy are top priorities though, go even wider.

Sill-length curtains typically finish just above - precisely 1.25 cm - from where they hang over the window sill edge.

If luxurious floor-length drapes catch your fancy then remember these require approximately a 2.5 cm clearance from the floor itself – nothing ruins opulence faster than dusty hems.

The rule-of-thumb here? Measure twice before ordering. It saves time on adjustments later on and lets us focus more on enhancing our spaces beautifully.

Curtain drops aren't one-size-fits-all but once armed with accurate measurements and an understanding of styles available – whether pencil pleat or eyelet – shopping becomes less daunting and more exciting.

Our home spaces deserve our best efforts and that's why at The Mill Shop we’re here to help make the process as smooth as possible. So, whether you're refreshing your living room or sprucing up your dining area, remember that the right curtain sizes can transform rooms from ordinary to extraordinary in no time.

Comparing eyelet vs pencil pleat in terms of sizes

The world of drapes is more intricate than you may suppose. It's not merely a matter of selecting a hue or pattern that blends with your living space, but also the type and magnitude. In this battle for supremacy between eyelet and pencil pleat curtains, size plays a pivotal role.

Eyelet curtains are modern-looking drapes where rings at the top slide directly onto the curtain pole. When it comes to sizing these beauties, keep in mind that each ring requires an additional 3.5 cm to the desired curtain length. This allows them to hang perfectly without any hindrance from hardware above.

Pencil pleat curtains, on the other hand, bring a traditional charm with their tightly-gathered folds resembling pencils side by side. Sizing these is slightly different as they need extra fabric for forming those elegant creases along the top edge. With pencil pleat curtains, you have up to 3” of length/drop to play with/adjust to, as there are three separate pockets to feed the hooks into.

Let’s recap sizing

In terms of window coverage, let’s say we have around a 200 cm wide window – our ideal curtain width should be double this measurement regardless of whether we’re hanging eyelets or pencil pleats because both styles benefit from having ample fabric for achieving perfect drape aesthetics while letting enough light pass through when open.

An important distinction though is in how these two types are hung. While eyelet / ring-top / grommet curtains slide effortlessly onto a curtain pole, pencil pleats need to be hooked onto either curtain poles or tracks – offering versatility but also requiring a bit more attention during installation.

Regardless of whether you choose an eyelet or pencil pleat, it's crucial to pick what best suits your taste and room decor. After all, these details can really make a difference in setting the right atmosphere.

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