Eyelet Curtains

Simple. Elegant. Flawless. Say ‘Hello’ to our collection of eyelet ring top curtains. We have an extensive range of high-quality eyelet options designed to elevate the style and functionality of your home. Our eyelet curtains feature a modern ring top design that offers a sleek and contemporary look, making them a popular choice for any room in your home.

At The Mill Shop, our ready-made eyelet curtains are perfect for those who want to enjoy the benefits of high-quality curtains with ease and confidence. Simply choose the size and style that best suits your needs, and you'll be ready to transform your space in no time.

For those looking for added functionality, we offer thermal eyelet curtains that are designed to keep your home warm and comfortable all year round. These curtains are made from insulating materials that help to trap heat inside your home, reducing your energy bills and keeping your home cosy during the colder months. Additionally, our blackout eyelet curtains will allow you to sleep peacefully during the bright, early Summer months. 

How to hang ring top curtains?

Check out our helpful blog Hanging Eyelet Curtains: Step By Step Instructions

How to measure for ready made eyelet curtains?

Measure the pole width, as well as the length from the pole to either slightly above the sill, below the sill or to floor length, depending on your personal preference. Read our guide on how to measure curtains for further instructions on this here. 

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