Tie Back/Pelmets/Scarves

At The Mill Shop, we’re passionate about all things curtains. That’s why we want to ensure you find the finishing touch for your window. We have an extensive range of coordinating curtain tie backs, scarves, and pelmets. The perfect way to complete your  eyelet or pencil pleat curtains.  

Whilst curtain tie backs are not essential they do look great and are an ideal way of framing your window. If you’re lucky enough to have stunning views we would recommend curtain tie backs so your curtains aren’t blocking any of it. 

If you have a darker room tie backs can also help to ensure you’re getting as much natural light into the room as possible. You can read about the benefits of natural light in your home here

We also offer matching cushions, this can create a harmonious look. Matching curtains, tie backs and cushions is a traditional look that will never go out of style. 

Once you’ve chosen your perfect curtains from our vast collection you can then complete the look with our tiebacks, allowing for versatility in your home. 

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