A family business with a shared mission to add beauty and comfort to homes across the country


Our story began in the 1980s. Starting life as a small factory outlet, The Mill Shop, as our name suggests, was located in a former mill - only a short distance from Nottingham’s Lace Market. 

People would come from far and wide, by the busloads! And as a manufacturer and direct importer, with no middle man, the prices were, and remain, remarkably competitive. 

Today, The Mill Shop has moved with the 21st century and now operates solely online. One thing that’ll never change, however, is the heart - The Mill Shop is still, and will always be, family-owned and operated by the founder’s two daughters. 

At The Mill shop, we’re passionate about all things interior decor, fabrics, finding the latest trends and new designs. But there’s one priority that will always remain the most important to us - and that’s understanding your desire to update your home, in an affordable and stylish way. 

We have 35 years’ experience of building specialisms and developing expertise, so, not to toot our own horn, but we know our stuff! Which is why you can always count on us to deliver a fantastic variety and premium quality, all at an affordable price. 

We’re lucky to say that we have a variety of customers here at The Mill Shop, with continued support from those many generations that would have frequently visited our original little Mill Shop. 

With family at heart, we cater for your home, as well as your kid’s (don’t miss the blackout ranges), your dad (he’ll like the thermal). Your nan (she loves our net range), aunt (made to measure voile) and second cousin twice removed (who doesn’t want a faux throw?). What we’re trying to say is, we are dedicated to offering an extensive variety here at The Mill Shop. We always have been, and we always will! 

We hope that you enjoy shopping with us, as much as we have loved creating The Mill Shop over the years.