30th May 2024

Your Guide To Creating An Ethereal White Bedroom

Your Guide To Creating An Ethereal White Bedroom

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Each room in your home should tell a story. The decor should be cohesive, elegant and stylish. It’s not always about following trends but finding what works best for you. Ask yourself what makes your heart sing and go with that.

A bedroom should be a tranquil space - somewhere you can relax and unwind. Here we’ll share our top tips for creating an ethereal white bedroom. ‘Ethereal’ is delicate, airy and light, seeming otherworldly or heavenly - a space that evokes a sense of peace, beauty and a connection to the divinely spiritual. The following tips will help you create a serene bedroom with a dream-like ambience.

Painting the walls

Whenever you decorate a room you should always start with freshening up the walls to give a clean look. Opt for a crisp white shade that will act as a canvas for your ethereal bedroom design.

Not only does white exude a sense of purity and simplicity, but it also possesses the remarkable ability to illuminate the room, creating a feeling of openness and expansiveness.

By painting the walls white, you lay the foundation for a sanctuary that epitomises serenity and sophistication.

Picking the right bedding

White bedding will blend seamlessly with your colour scheme. Look for bedding made from soft, breathable materials like cotton or linen, ensuring not only comfort but durability through numerous wash cycles. These fabrics enhance the relaxation factor - essential for restful sleep.

For cosiness, consider layering various textures atop your white bedding. Quilts, throws and an assortment of pillows will infuse depth and visual interest into the space. This layering technique adds warmth, inviting you to sink into a cocoon of comfort at the end of a long day.

Light curtains

When it comes to selecting curtains for your space, consider white or natural hues. These light and airy colours help a room to look spacious, making even modestly-sized rooms feel more expansive and open.

Sheer curtains can further enhance this effect. These delicate curtains gracefully filter natural light, infusing the room with a gentle, ethereal glow. By allowing sunlight to dance through the sheer material, you establish a connection to the outdoors, fostering a sense of serenity within your living space.

Soft furnishings

While white can be seen as a cold colour, incorporating plush rugs can add warmth and comfort underfoot. Textured cushions and large throws can also have this effect. Add cream and neutral tones for depth and warmth.

Metallic accents

Introducing metallic accents into your room will infuse a dash of glamour into the space. Consider incorporating shimmering silver or opulent gold touches throughout your design scheme to enhance its visual appeal.

For instance, mirrored furniture pieces add a touch of luxuriousness and amplify the sense of space by reflecting light and creating an illusion of depth. Likewise, opting for metallic light fixtures is functional and also doubles as stunning focal points that improve the ethereal atmosphere.

Whether it's through gleaming silver picture frames, gilded decorative accents, or elegant metallic vases, these subtle yet impactful touches contribute to the room's overall aesthetic appeal.


Choose light-coloured furniture pieces to maintain a cohesive look. White or light wood furniture can complement the white colour scheme while contributing to the room's airy aesthetic.

Natural elements

Bring in elements from nature to add a sense of serenity and tranquillity. Consider adding potted plants or fresh white roses to infuse the space with life. The greenery can also work as a pop of colour against the white backdrop.

Keep decor minimal

Embrace a minimalist approach to decor to maintain the ethereal vibe. Choose a few statement pieces such as a sculptural vase or a piece of artwork in soft tones to add visual interest without overwhelming the space.

Mood lighting

Use soft, diffused lighting to create a cosy ambience. Lamps with fabric shades or lights with dimmer switches allow you to control the brightness levels according to your mood.


Mirrors are going to be your best friend when creating an ethereal environment. They help to open a space up, bounce light around a room, and allow you to see your beautiful reflection with ease.

By following these tips, you can create a serene and ethereal white bedroom that serves as a calming retreat from the outside world.

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