Thermal Curtains

Don't miss out on our collection of thermal curtains to keep out the draughts, and help to save money on your energy bills.  Keep the home warmer during the winter, and keep south facing rooms cool during the summer. 

Many of our thermal curtains also have blackout properties, an added bonus for a Sunday morning lie in!  They come as pencil pleat thermal curtains, or eyelet/ring top thermal curtains.  Many are interlined, so they have a thick padded lining, which is really luxurious. Perfect for bedrooms and living rooms

How to add separate thermal blackout linings to curtains

Attach your thermal curtain lining  to eyelet curtains, using easy to attach lining clips. All you need to do is clip the clips onto the lining as per the spacing of your curtain eyelets, then simply hook them onto the eyelets and press to secure the position.  For pencil pleat curtains, simply attach using standard curtain hooks, hooking the lining onto the existing 3” tape on the pencil pleat curtains. 

Alternatively, you can shop our range of easy to fit eyelet thermal curtains

Are thermal curtains black out? 

Not always, however, at The Mill Shop we have a range of the best thermal curtains with black out properties. Ideal for bedrooms. 

What are the best thermal curtains?

We would recommend all our thermal curtains, but, if you want your thermal curtains to be bold, make a statement, attract warmth from the sun and add cosiness to your home we’d opt for black thermal curtains

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