Dress a window in your home with our beautiful selection of voiles. Voiles offer privacy whilst still allowing natural light into your home. They offer a modern twist on traditional net curtains. Ideal for french doors and dressing rooms to add elegant style.  

Our sequin topped voiles are perfect for girls' bedrooms. The sequins come in a range of colours,including navy, blush pink, bronze, and grey. Whether you want classic voiles that look modern, chic and elegant, or something with a unique edge like our pom pom trimmed voile we have something to suit everyone. 

How to dress a window with voiles? 

Opt for a voile scarf or tied blinds to create a feature window dressing that adds something a little extra into a room. 

What are voile curtains?

Voile curtains are made from sheer fabric that offers privacy and allows natural light into a room. They can give a touch of luxury to blinds that can help to block out light, or give added privacy in the evening.

How to hang voile curtains?

This is dependent on the style of voiles you opt for. Eyelet ring top voiles can easily slide onto a curtain pole, the same as with slot top voiles and tab top voiles. Whereas you can use easy to fit curtain wire to attach tied blinds.

Tension rods work great if you’re attaching voiles to single doors to add privacy during the summer months. 

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