Voile Scarf

If you’re looking to create a focal point in your room, we recommend dressing your window with one of our voile scarves. They can create a real showstopper and come in over 10 unique colours to suit your personal style. 

Voile scarfs are a simple way of creating an elegant look in your home. Whether you opt for a neutral tone, such as pale grey or latte that would fit with any style or you go bold with fuchsia and purple, we know they’ll look great. 

How to dress a window with voile scarf?

Simply drape your window scarf over your pole, positioning it to drape in a style that you feel best suits your room. You may have to arrange your drape a few times to get your desired look. A voile scarf is designed for style purposes, they won’t block out light or increase privacy but they will enhance the overall look of your room. 

How to drape a window scarf on a rod?

There are many ways you can drape scarves for windows depending on the size you opt for and your style preferences. We recommend watching a few different YouTube videos to give yourself ideas on different ways to style voile scarfs for windows.

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