20th Jul 2022

​How To Make Your New Build Feel Like Home

​How To Make Your New Build Feel Like Home

Buying a new-build home is a super exciting time for you and your family, but because it’s empty and bare it might not feel quite like home just yet. Once you’ve settled in, you’ll want to start adding your own touch and this is how you can make your new-build feel like home.

Start Painting

When trying to make your new-build feel like home, it’s always a good idea to add some personality to different rooms. Why not start by adding a lick of colour to your walls? Remember, adding style to home interiors can be as easy.

When buying a new-build house it’s standard that they come with white walls which can act as a blank canvas, so adding some life to your new home will make you feel much more comfortable too. Be bold and go for strong colours to really make a mark on your home, and if you are a little hesitant to start with, go for the smaller rooms in your home first like the downstairs toilet or main bathroom.

To make an easy start, why not focus on a feature wall to make your home feel more designed? Adding texture or something that stands out can draw the eye and make a room more welcoming right away. Pick bold colours or a combination that gives your room a unique spin.

Before you start painting and decide on your colour scheme from one tester pot, brush up on your colour psychology which can help you to create the right vibe for each room. Creating a mood for your home décor can release the inner interior designer in you.

To stay on trend, seek out inspiration from the latest TV shows, fashion and wider culture. You can find really absorbing ideas in the strangest of places. Take photos wherever you go and try and visualise colours that spark your creativity for rooms in your house.

Start Adding Furniture

Newly build homes rarely ever come with enough storage space, so if you find yours lacking take the opportunity to add furniture that you really love to add your personal taste. You should slowly start to feel at home once you’ve started to fill out all of the dead space. Your new build that once looked like many others on the estate now has its own unique look and feel.

Lighting can also have a pronounced effect on your home. Add subtle pendant lights for an unusual option and make use of table and standard lamps to create a more textured look. If you are using room lights, consider diffusers or shades that break down light so as not to be so harsh. Softening a new build home is easy and can make it seem less angular and boxy.


Bring the outdoors in, and add character to your home using houseplants and flowers. Whether you choose to use real plants or fake plants, brightening up your new build is the first thing you want to be doing to add that feeling of home.

There are so many options when it comes to houseplants. Simple, low maintenance cacti or succulents need little in terms of water for a solid, unchanging look.

Big, bushy ferns or climbing options are also a great way to add flavour to a room. For those who want to make a feature out of a plant, big leaves have been popular in recent years, look out for the ever-reliable monstera or cheese plant, its iconic leaves with natural holes are a great way to add greenery to your home without too much expense.

Hang Your Curtains

Invest in some good quality curtains, they’ll add warmth to your home and give it that ‘lived-in’ feel. Not only will they help make your new-build feel like home, but they will regulate the temperature in your home, adding to the cosy atmosphere you are trying to create. Hanging your curtains can be great for showcasing your style in your home. Here are some of the curtains we’d recommend to make your new-build feel a little more like home.

If you need a room darkening, then consider blackout curtains. Need a sleek, feature window? Try pencil pleat curtains or a classic eyelet curtain for the style you want to capture.

Hugo Gray Pencil Pleat Blackout Curtains


There's a whole host of ways you can decorate get your house feeling like a home. Finishing touches to your home furnishings like cushions can make all the difference. Whether it's a touch of class with velvet cushions, a dash of faux fur or daring cushion covers, a bit of variety can go a long way.

Try and match design choices, so pair your home accessories to your cushions. For example, got a table lamp in a burnished metal? Match it with art deco style soft furnishings.

Got some daring wall art? Subtly blend your sofa's theme to it with contrasting colours. The limits really are endless and the deftest touches can be the most affecting.


If your new home doesn’t quite feel like yours, then why not add artwork and photos. There’s nothing more personal and homely than photos of your friends and family on the wall. Make your mark and add some more colour through decorative pieces. Get creative with your home décor, filling your space with whatever you like - mirrors, books, ornament, plants and more.

If you’ve got your move-in date and want some advice on the best curtains to buy to make your new-build feel like home, get in touch with our expert team who can offer you top tips and advice. If you know the correct measurements and your colour scheme, jump right in and have a look at our range of curtains.

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