Slot Top Panels

Shop our range of delicate slot top voile curtains designed to add a touch of elegance into every room. If you’re opting for an ethereal aesthetic in your home our slot top panels made with high-quality voile are a must for your windows and doors. 

Slot top voile curtains are really easy to fit making them a quick way to spruce up a room. They’re also extremely affordable meaning you don’t have to break the bank to change up your home. 

They can be paired with blinds or curtains for added privacy during the day without blocking natural light. Alternatively, they look stunning on their own at French doors or in dressing rooms. 

If you’re looking to redesign a room in your house we also do luxurious cushions in a range of colours and textures that will complement your curtains and the rest of your home. 

How to hang slot top curtains?

Our expert written blog post ‘How to hang your curtains?’ may be able to help you. However, slot top curtains are one of the easiest curtain types to hang. Simply slide them onto your curtain pole or wire and you’re done. 

For more guidance check out our informative blogs for more information on creating a room you love, with the perfect curtains, voiles and nets.

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