Eyelet Ring Top Panels

Eyelet voile curtains are both easy to fit and super stylish. Our white voile eyelet curtains come with a stunning sequin top panel, available with grey, bronze, blush pink, or navy sequins to suit all rooms. 

Voile eyelet curtains are a great addition to doorways, they can help to dress up what can sometimes be an unattractive area of a room. As well as offering privacy when you have doors open during the summer months. 

They’re a great way of keeping unwanted bugs out of your home when windows and doors are open as they act as a barrier without blocking the natural light. 

If you have blinds to block out the sun and give you privacy in the evening, eyelet voile curtains can be added to give your window a more elegant and put together aesthetic that flows with the rest of your home. 

What is the difference between sheer and voile?

In short, nothing. Sheer fabric is just very fine fabric, the sort voiles are made from. They’re often paired with blinds or curtains as they can remain closed all day for privacy whilst allowing natural light in. 

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