29th Mar 2023

Ten Interior Design Trends to Avoid

Ten Interior Design Trends to Avoid

Decorating your home can be a truly exciting time, but don’t fall into the trap of following every interior trend you see on the internet. Some of them go out of style as fast as they’ve come in.

At The Mill Shop, we care about interior design. We want your home to feel like your sanctuary. Somewhere you can relax and feel at peace, in order for you to feel this way we understand you need to love your surroundings, so here’s what to avoid.

Upcycling furniture that’s already beautiful

We love a good upcycle as much as the next person and agree if done correctly it can give an old piece of furniture that was destined for the scrap heap a new lease of life.

However, not everything that’s seen on Facebook Marketplace is a DIY project waiting to happen. Some furniture, whilst it may be old, is already beautiful and can create a stunning focal point in your room without needing to be upcycled.

An upcycled unique piece can look great, but if you’ve got multiple pieces in one space it can start to look mismatched and get in the way of the room having a structured theme.

Neon wall signs in traditional rooms

Neon wall signs have gained popularity in recent years, especially now you can get them personalised. They can look great in games rooms, summer houses, or even teenagers' bedrooms, but they’re not always a good look.

If you’ve got a traditional home, a room with low beams and an open fireplace or a bedroom with wood panelling and original flooring, having a neon wall sign no matter how personalised it is, just won’t fit the aesthetic.

All white and grey interiors

All white and grey interiors have had their heyday. Mrs Hinch started as an Instagram account showing her followers the interior of her beautiful home full of white walls and grey furnishings.

However, her account now shows 4.6 million followers keep up with her neutral-toned country home and many people have followed suit.

Again, less is more with this one, having a grey-and-white room in your home isn’t a styling crisis. It’s just when it’s in every room it can come across as cold and uninviting.

Use neutral colours and softer tones such as Egyptian cotton, cream, beiges, and muted browns. Teamed with natural woods, large rugs, and knitted throws. This still offers a fresh and modern look whilst being warm and inviting.


Minimalism isn’t for everyone and that’s okay. We like homes with a personal touch and find starkly furnished rooms can look bare and underwhelming.

On the other hand, having too much clutter can be even worse. Some people love to be surrounded by things. Whether they are items from their travels or just things they’ve liked the look of and wanted to keep.

Filling your space with too many items can look chaotic and untidy. It can be over-stimulating and turn a potentially relaxing environment into a stressful space that gathers dust and doesn’t get enjoyed.

Gallery Walls that mean nothing

Gallery walls are a lot of effort. Deciding whether you want matching frames or you’re wanting a quirky look with mismatched frames. Then deciding whether you’re wanting them in line and measuring to ensure they all line up.

So why put in all that effort to stare at meaningless pictures all day? If you’ve decided on a gallery wall, make it personal. Use pictures of your family, trips you’ve been on, tickets for concerts you’ve been to, and memories that make you smile. This will also be far more interesting for guests to look at.

Millennial pink

We still love millennial pink, but in small doses. There was a time when whole kitchens were being decorated millennial pink, from the cabinets to the toaster. Bedrooms were adorned with millennial pink walls, bedding, dressing room chairs, and accessories.

If you want to inject some pink into your home opt for pale or blush pink, these are softer colours which will stay in style for longer and complement other colour palettes. If you really do love the colour millennial pink, bring it into your home via accessories such as candles, plates, or cushions.

Rose gold accents everywhere

A few years ago people would change all their kitchen utensils to rose gold. Companies brought out rose gold kettles, microwaves, and toasters. At-home offices were adorned with rose gold laptop covers, stationary holders, and office chairs. It overtook its counterpart copper in a big way.

Many girls asked for a pink and rose gold bedroom and whilst they initially looked great, it’s now seen as a little outdated. It doesn’t lend itself to the neutral tones people often opt for now and can clash with bolder colours many use on their feature walls.

Copper is being brought back, teamed with burnt orange it’s a go-to for gender-neutral nurseries and is stunning for autumnal-themed spaces.

Word signs and cliche quotes

Quotes and word signs on walls are a little like marmite. You either love them and your house has a ‘live, laugh, love’ sign in the hallway or you hate them and the last time someone bought you an ‘our family rules’ sign you struck them off the Christmas card list.

One or two in your home can look sweet, especially if the quote has sentimental value to your family. However, one in every room is overkill and having an EAT sign in the kitchen is just stating the obvious.

If you want quotes and word signs in your home use them sparingly and try to make them meaningful or they’re just taking up space where unique art or family pictures could be hung.

Open shelves in the kitchen

Open shelves in the kitchen are great if you’re someone with matching mugs, an unchipped dining set, and smudge-free wine glasses, but let’s be honest, how many of us can say we are?

Cluttered shelves of mismatched crockery aren’t ever going to be a good look. Also, having them out on open shelves means they’re going to get dusty and potentially greasy from cooking which doesn’t happen if they’re in cupboards.


As with many of these interior trends to avoid it’s about less is more. Having a feature wall as a focal point of your room can look great. However, wallpaper with loud prints on every wall can make a room appear smaller and make it harder to find furniture and accessories that match.

If you’ve fallen in love with a certain wallpaper and you do want to feature it on more than one wall, you could look into panelling the lower half of your wall to break it up. However, be aware whilst wall panelling is certainly having its time it could as easily find itself on one of these blogs in a few years' time.

Interior trends to say yes to

Enough of what not to do, here are our holy grail design ideas to help you create an idealistic home you’ll be proud of.

Stack  cushions together on your bed to give your room luxurious hotel vibes. You can also use cushions to add vibrancy to rooms that lack colour.

If you live in a rustic cottage or a barn conversion that’s aesthetically stunning but can get chilly during the cooler months we recommend  door curtains, this will help you to retain heat whilst also creating a cosy atmosphere.

Say yes to modern  pencil pleat curtains in traditional prints that will help to make any house feel like a home.

We hope we’ve inspired some of your home decor choices. A small disclaimer is needed, you can take our advice at your own discretion. If you have any of these trends in your home as long as you like them that is all that matters. Everyone has different style preferences and it’d be very boring if everyone's home was the same.

If you have any further questions about decorating your home, especially if it involves which curtains, nets, or voiles to use please don’t hesitate in getting in touch at sales@themillshop.co.uk

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