2nd May 2023

Everything You Need To Know About Net Curtains

Everything You Need To Know About Net Curtains

Net curtains are making a comeback in the interior design world, and rightly so. They have a plethora of benefits they can bring to your home. They combine practicality and style bringing a fresh look to any room.

Whether you’re wanting to opt for  cafe nets to add something a little extra to your kitchen, louvre blinds in your office, jardinieres in your dressing room, or lace nets in your living room, we have something to suit your needs.


Whilst you’ll be able to peer out of your net curtains and watch the world go by. You’ll be pleased to know that any nosey neighbours won’t be able to see into your home.

This is also a great crime prevention tactic, net curtains can help to shield your valuables from the eyes of untrustworthy passersby.

Please be aware that whilst these are a great way of blocking out unwanted eyes during the day. When it’s dark out and you have your lights on inside people will be able to see through into your home. If you plan on using the room in the evenings we recommend pairing it with heavier set curtains to increase privacy and warmth.

Prevent furniture fading

No one wants to have their curtains shut on a sunny day, however, the sun beaming into your home can cause the fading and discoloration of your soft furnishings, photographs, and carpet.

Net curtains can help by reducing the amount of harmful light reaching your furniture, whilst still ensuring your room is light and welcoming.

Hide a bad view

We can’t always pick the exact location of our home, and often a slightly ugly view won’t put us off buying a home if everything else is perfect. However, it doesn’t mean you want to spend your day looking at a building site or counting cars in the pub car park.

That’s where net curtains can help. They don’t completely block the view, so you’ll still be able to tell if someone is walking past or what the weather is like. But, they make it less noticeable when you walk into the room, so it’s not the first thing you notice.

Great if you’re looking to put your house up for sale and would like prospective buyers to forget about the eyesore outside once they walk through the front door of your home. 


Net curtains are a really affordable way of adding a new look to your home. If you’re wanting to add some elegance to your home without breaking the bank, net curtains are the way to go. Some of our nets are less than £3 a metre, so you’ll still have money left over for other accessories such as  cushions.

Dress a window

If you have a large window in your room, even with heavy curtains at either end it can look like an empty space. Especially if as previously mentioned you’ve not got a beautiful view to look out on. Net curtains are a simple way of dressing a window and are easy to swap and change.

Easy to wash

It is recommended to wash our curtains every 6 months, but let’s be honest, how many of us actually do? The idea of having to get them dry and then re-hang them can be enough to make us want to just buy a new pair of curtains.

However, unwashed curtains harbour a lot of dust and this can be dangerous for those that suffer from asthma. This means net curtains are a great option for those with dust allergies and asthma as they’re super simple to wash, dry, and put back up. 

Helps prevent hay fever

No one wants to stay inside with the windows closed all summer long, but if you’re a hay fever sufferer it can feel like the only way to get a little relief. Net curtains allow you to open your windows and let some fresh air in without worrying about pollen entering your home.

Easy to fit

If you live in a rented property where you’re unable to fix anything to the walls, or DIY isn’t your strong point. You’ll be pleased to know net curtains can easily be fitted with a tension rod, no need to find your old toolbox.


A popular choice when ordering your net curtains is to opt for double fullness. This is where you measure the width of your window and times it by 2, this will offer you sufficient coverage and a nice flow, however, for increased privacy opt for 2.5 or even 3 times your measurement for extra fullness.

A range of designs

There are so many different styles of net curtain so there will always be something to suit your home. From elaborate flower designs to simple voiles, our range of nets come in cream and white, with a few multi-coloured flower designs for more elaborate styling.

We hope this blog has shown you the benefits of introducing net curtains into your home. Don’t forget to take a look at our range of affordable luxury  curtains that you can style with your nets.

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