10th Jan 2024

The Best Homeware 2024 from The Mill Shop

The Best Homeware 2024 from The Mill Shop

We hope the January blues haven’t got you on tenterhooks waiting for the long nights and frightfully cold weather to pass. However, if you haven’t entered January feeling as refreshed and excited about the year ahead as you’d hoped, The Mill Shop is here to help.

When looking for a way to brighten your spirits, a change of scenery always helps. However, we can also understand how staying home in your sanctuary with the allure of all your home comforts is often equally as appealing.

So, here we have a tip that ensures you get the best of both worlds. New curtains! That’s right, adorn your windows with stunning curtains to freshen up your home. A new pair of curtains is a brilliant way of injecting new life into your home without embarking on a lengthy and expensive decorating journey.

So, ladies, gentlemen and curtain connoisseurs alike, it's time to look into the fabulous future of window adornments. At The Mill Shop, we’re a haven for curtains that make a home sing. Our collections are renowned for quality, style, durability and affordability.

It’s time to grab a cup of tea and prepare for a sneak peek into the splendid world of curtains that The Mill Shop can offer you. A very happy new year to our readers, we thank you for your custom and continued support.

As fast as the seasons change, so do curtain trends - that’s where the experts at The Mill Shop step in. Let us be your trusty guide on all things curtains and interior design.

Throughout the year you can expect monthly blog uploads where we will discuss everything from caring for your curtains and measuring correctly, to how you should style specific colours for an effortlessly chic look.

Going back to trends for a moment, trends can sway the curtain world and see interior designers making last-minute changes in the time it took you to boil the kettle. It’s extremely important to keep up-to-date on what’s hot and what’s not in terms of window drapery. Curtains can make or break the style of a room.

From whimsical prints reminiscent of enchanted forests to sleek, modern designs straight out of a minimalist’s dream, at The Mill Shop, we have it all and our curtain game is stronger than ever. We have our finger firmly on the pulse of these trends, bringing you an eclectic array of choices that cater to every taste and home aesthetic.

We’re absolutely in love with our Kensington curtains. Elegant and enchanting, they offer just the right amount of boldness, creating a show-stopping window display that makes you the envy of all who see them. Don’t forget to tell them to check us out!

These curtains style beautifully with neutral interiors that allow them to do all the talking. You can add matching cushions or navy and yellow accessories to bring the room together. These curtains lend themselves to large windows or patio doors that really allow the print to freely flow and be seen for all that it is.

If you’re looking for quality, simplicity and warmth, our Athos blackout thermal curtains are a must. Available in four on-trend colours, these curtains are designed to suit all styles.

As these curtains are available in multiple shades, our main styling tip (no matter which colour you opt for) is to keep it simple. These modern curtains are perfectly designed for minimalistic homes with fresh walls and streamlined furniture.

The few accessories you do style with these curtains should be eye-catching. Think of using gold or copper that will catch the light. Abstract art is also a brilliant way of bringing some pizazz into a room without overwhelming the space.

Our extremely popular voiles aren’t going anywhere. Our vast selection of slot top and tab top voiles are here to stay because we know just how much you love them. They’re available in almost every colour imaginable and look stunning on their own or paired with curtains in similar hues.

While voile curtains can be seamlessly integrated into any room, they look especially great in bedrooms and dressing rooms. They bring femininity and elegance into a space. Opt for furniture with soft edges that you can adorn with even softer materials. Find a large wall mirror that bounces light around your room helping to make the space appear larger.

Now, we couldn’t tell you all about what to expect from us in 2024 without mentioning an upcoming arrival. Picture this: it's Pride Month, and your home is ready to celebrate love. Drumroll please as we unveil our pièce de résistance for 2024 – the Rainbow curtain! Say hello to a burst of colour, a symphony of pride draped elegantly across your windows. These vibrant curtains are not just a statement - they're a celebration, a proclamation of inclusivity and joy.

Now, let’s discuss some of the other fabulous options we offer. In 2023, we made it easier than ever to view products on our site. We added categories for colour, so if you know what colour curtains you’re searching for, you can find them easily.

And this year we’ll carry on with this great service while continuing to make incremental yet important improvements to our site. This is to ensure the best possible user experience.

Our colour range currently includes over 15 different colour variations. We stock blackout, thermal, eyelet, door, children, bedroom, kitchen, living room, and pencil pleat curtains. The range also includes voiles, net curtains, and accessories.

The Mill Shop is mainly known for our superior curtains, but we also offer matching cushions, tie backs, pelmets and scarves, and tablecloths, as well as throws and rugs to help tie your home decor together.

Throughout the year we also add different stock to our sale section. If you love saving money and finding a bargain, that’s the place to look. If you missed out on Black Friday 2023 make sure you set an alarm for it this year as we’re sure it won’t disappoint.

Remember, The Mill Shop isn't just about curtains - it's about artistry woven into fabric. With attention-to-detail that could make even the pickiest home decorator nod in approval, each curtain is a testament to quality, longevity and elegance. In 2024, you’ll continue to see this same level of quality when it comes to the designing and manufacturing process of all our curtains.

Customer care is woven into our DNA. Need advice on measurements? Colour consultations? The Mill Shop’s expert team is here to ensure that your curtain journey is as smooth as silk. While we may be an online store, our service is anything but robotic.

For any further information on anything discussed in this blog, interior design or curtain trends, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our friendly team on 01623 445480.