21st Jan 2022

How to Create an Ethereal Home

How to Create an Ethereal Home

You’ve seen it. We’ve seen it. Everyone has seen it. Or if you aren’t on social media, then you may have seen the word ‘ethereal’ lingering around the pages of your style magazine.

The ethereal trend doesn’t just mean home decor - it’s a whole thing. Clothes and way of living included. Comparable to those who adopt the minimalist style. However, we’ll be focusing on how you can create the look and feel of this gorgeous trend in the form of home decor. And psst! Want to know a secret? It doesn’t take much.

Read on to discover how to create the ultimate ethereal home…

What does an ethereal home mean?

We thought it might be a good idea to start with what is meant by creating an ethereal home.

The definition of ethereal means something that is delicate, light and beautiful. Celestial. Heavenly. In other words, there’s a magical feel to this trend.

An ethereal home means to create an incredibly serene ambience, and that’s exactly what to keep in mind when creating this look.

If you loved our blog on cottagecore, then you will most likely love this trend - as they both share an emphasis on encapsulating femininity through interior design.

The distinction between the two is that the ethereal home trend is more magical, and there is a lot more of a focus on creating a room that’s delicate and elegantly simplistic, whereas cottagecore welcomes interesting chunky patterns that clash but somehow still work together.

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If you would like to see this trend for yourself, we would recommend that you search for ‘ethereal living’, ‘ethereal’ and also ‘ethereal home' through the explore page on Instagram, or by searching the #ethereal hashtag.

If you’re not on Instagram, don’t worry - Pinterest also has a ton of visual examples of what it means to create an ethereal home. You can also use this social media platform to search for inspiration, using the same terms.

Without further ado, let’s get into how to create the ethereal look and feel in your home.

Strategically balance the colour scheme within your home.

There isn’t a set list of colours when it comes to creating an ethereal home style - so there’s plenty of room to incorporate your favourite colours and combinations.

Our recommendation would be to ensure that whatever colour you’re certain on, pair it with a white and/or neutral colour. Actually, if you’re serious about wanting to achieve this look - we insist upon it.

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A true ethereal style home will always use a light and airy colour as the canvas. The good news is that you can still pull off this style by pairing it with any other colour you wish - but keep the white and/or neutral tone as the main colour throughout the room.

Although there are no limitations on which colours you can use, the common colour combinations for an ethereal home tend to include:

  • White paired with a deep navy blue.
  • A neutral tone paired with sage green.
  • White paired with black (for rooms that have access to a significant amount of natural light).
  • A light mocha shade paired with a rustic brown.
  • White paired with a burnt orange tone.
  • A neutral tone paired with a pale pink tone.

Brighten up that space - as much as possible

Don’t be afraid to let natural light into your home. Or if you don’t get a lot of natural lighting coming into the room, don’t worry.

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We would recommend that you brighten the space in alternative ways, such as:

  • Add mirrors to the room. This will help to reflect the light that’s available in the room.
  • If you’re following the ethereal home trend closely, the use of a white or neutral tone as the main colour will do a lot of brightening alone.
  • Use any type of artificial lighting that you like! Whether that’s fairy lights, adjustable dimming lamps or even sunset lamps. The latter in particular will tie in beautifully with the celestial feel that the ethereal trend has, plus it’ll certainly add a touch of brightness to the room.
  • If the room that you’re focusing on has particularly low levels of light, we would highly recommend that you pair a lighter tone with a shade that isn’t significantly darker.
  • Use bright curtains to further emphasise the light around the window area.

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Keep the decor light and airy

This might be the most important part when it comes to creating an ethereal home. Your furnishings should appear light and airy, which helps to perfectly create a fresh and spacious environment. And, do you know what would make for the perfect light and airy window feature? Voiles.

A modern twist on their net counterparts (which would also be great for creating this look), voiles encapsulate this trend perfectly. Why? Because the very essence of a voile is light and airy.

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Delicate patterns

The next step in creating an ethereal home would be to ensure that there are beautiful and delicate patterns present throughout the home.

Some examples of delicate patterns would be dainty floral motifs, graceful swirls, lace features, or even delicate constellations. Any of these would look perfectly in place in an ethereal home.

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At The Mill Shop, we offer an extensive variety of voiles and net curtains that feature beautiful embroidery and delicate patterns, which perfectly (and we mean perfectly!) complement the essence of this trend. Almost as if they were made to fit the ethereal home style.

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Adding light and airy curtains either on their own or paired with a heavier set of curtains is a superb way to add a touch of ethereal elegance to your home.

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To browse our selection of net curtains, click here. To view our stunning selection of voiles, click here.

Soft furnishing galore

Adding plenty of soft and cosy textiles to a room is a sure way to achieve that beautiful ethereal feel.

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Remember, this trend is all about creating an environment that is comfortable and cosy, as well as stylish. As long as your soft furnishings match the overall aesthetic, whether that be through the colour or with a delicate print - you have free reign to choose anything you like!

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It’s worth mentioning that with this trend, it’s important to remember that a little sparkle goes a long way. Don’t be afraid to add touches of textiles that shimmer, such as gold or silver.

Ditch the surplus of home accessories

Sometimes, less is more. Place decorative items around the room in a way that doesn’t give off a cluttered feel. Light, bright and airy is the consistent theme here!

Think of it as taking a page out of the minimalist design book. But with a little more zhuzh. Simply, ditch anything (e.g ornaments that are kind of there because well… they’ve always been there) that no longer matches your style.

Instead, keep the decor that you love and try to keep items spaced out around the room, as opposed to keeping everything stored close together. This will help to maintain that lovely overall feeling of openness, whatever that means to you.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed discovering the little changes you can make to create this gorgeous look in your home. At The Mill Shop, we offer an extensive variety of soft furnishings that would beautifully tie in with ethereal decor - so be sure to check out the rest of our website for more.