24th Apr 2023

Why Choose Green Curtains For Your Home?

Why Choose Green Curtains For Your Home?

When choosing which curtains to hang in your home, the colour of them is arguably the aspect you will focus on the most, and is definitely one of the most important things you will think about when picking them.

The colour you choose will not only affect the way your home looks, but can also affect how you feel when you’re in it. In this article, you’ll learn about the benefits of using a certain colour that you may not always think of when finishing your window space - green.

Green is a beautiful and versatile colour that can add a lot of character to your home decor.

Known as a calming colour, green can promote relaxation and reduce stress. This is because it is a colour that is often associated with nature and the outdoors. When used in soft furnishings, green can create a serene and peaceful atmosphere in any room. It can also help to promote restful sleep in bedrooms, making it a great choice for curtains and bedding.

As a base tone green is also one of the most versatile colours going. It can work well with a variety of other tones and shades. It is also a neutral colour that can be paired with warm or cool colours, making it a great choice for curtains and soft furnishings that you want to coordinate with other colours in your home decor. It can also be used as an accent colour to add a pop of colour to a room.

It's also a colour that can bring a sense of freshness and life to a room. It is a colour that is often associated with growth and renewal, making it a great choice for curtains that you want to use to bring a sense of nature indoors. Green plants and foliage are also a great way to incorporate green into your home decor and can add a natural and organic feel to any room.

When choosing green for your curtains or soft furnishings, it is important to consider the shade of green that you want to use. Different shades of green can create different moods and feelings in a room. For example, lighter shades of green such as mint and sage can create a calming and soothing atmosphere, while brighter shades of green such as lime and emerald can add energy and vibrancy to a room.

You should also remember to consider the texture and pattern you use. Adding texture can create depth and interest in a room. When it comes to textures, the sky is the limit.

Consider velvet, linen, or wool to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Patterns can also add interest to your room's overall look, and there are many different patterns that work well with green such as floral, geometric, or stripes.

Whether you want to create a calming and soothing atmosphere or add energy and vibrancy to a room, green is a versatile colour that can work well in any space. By choosing the right shade, texture, and pattern for your green curtains or soft furnishings, you can create a beautiful and inviting atmosphere in your home.

There are many different shades of green, some with more of a yellow undertone and those with a blue one, lighter shades and darker shades, any of which would suit a multitude of room decor.

The colour green can be often associated with nature, peace and serenity, and can have a parallel affect on your mental well-being. In nature, the colour green is a prominent and soothing colour that denotes life, fertility, growth, and rebirth.

Green can also help with stress relief, healing, and balancing the heart and mind. It has a calming effect and can produce a warm sensation by diluting the capillaries. Furthermore, the colour green has been proven to raise the levels of serotonin in your brain, resulting in a happier and calmer mood. Adding the colour green to your home’s decor can have a positive effect on your mood and therefore make your home a comfortable and enjoyable place to spend time.

The cooling, calming effect of the colour can also help to make your room feel more light and open, and with the addition of natural light, the colour is bound to contribute to an overall positive atmosphere. Paired with natural interior design such as wood cabinets, neutral paint and some potted plants, green curtains can be the perfect addition to any space in your home.

However, green can sometimes look a bit out of place amongst other colour schemes, so make sure that if you do want to choose this colour for your curtains, that they fit in with the rest of your space’s ornamentation. Green fits well with blush pinks, deep blues, shimmering metallics and neutrals, especially with other natural decor such as wooden cabinets and other furniture.

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