29th Jun 2023

Biggest Curtain Trends in 2023

Biggest Curtain Trends in 2023

Curtains will never go out of fashion, they bring style and comfort to a room whilst helping your home be more energy efficient. They allow a cosy atmosphere in the evening and offer much-needed privacy from the outside world.

They’re a must-have for almost every room and whilst we’re not against blinds there is just something about a quality pair of curtains hanging in your home that can’t be matched.

We’ve taken a look at what’s going to be hot in the world of curtains this year and this is what we’ve found.

Pinch pleat/pencil pleat designs

Pinch pleats, also commonly known as pencil pleat curtains have always been in style, but their popularity is forecast to grow significantly in 2023. Pencil pleat curtains have a highly decorative header, the fabric is drawn together tightly at the top.

If you want your curtains to just give that little bit extra without demanding too much attention away from other items displayed in your home pencil pleat curtains are the best option for you.


Being more sustainable is having its moment and rightly so. Whilst you may only change your curtains every few years depending on how often you look to update a room or move house, nonetheless if you can make conscious design choices then why wouldn't you?

People are opting for organic cotton, linen or hemp curtains, these are all more environmentally friendly fabric options than some traditional synthetic options. Alternatively, people are looking at giving their curtains a new lease of life with home dyes or shopping for second-hand curtains through Apps such as Vinted.

If you do buy curtains that don’t conform to the sustainable ‘trend’ or hopefully turn in the interior design world don’t worry. As we’ve previously stated curtains are often kept and used for many years and you can always donate them or sell them when you fancy a change in design, this increases the life cycle of your curtains which in turn makes for a happier planet.

Forest green

We don’t want to deter you from finishing reading this blog so maybe circle back to this point, but our blog ‘ Why Choose Green Curtains For Your Home?’ is a great read if you’re wondering why green is having such a moment.

Forest green is a rich yet calming colour, it allows you to bring depth into a room without being overwhelming. The natural shade mimics what you’d see in the countryside and can help to inspire and awaken your inner love for the outdoors even on a rainy day when you have to stay indoors.


Often people can shy away from patterns unsure how they can style them in their own home despite finding them beautiful. They're set to hit the interior design scene by storm this year and looking at our range of patterned curtains we know why, they’re simply stunning.

A great way of ensuring they suit the overall aesthetics of your room is making sure the pattern includes at least one or two of the colours from your main colour scheme, for example, the colour of your walls or sofa cushions.

Patterned curtains work best with plain walls, if you have loud wallpaper you may wish to opt for plain curtains unless you want to redecorate.

Hand Crafted Details

Hand-crafted details can make a pair of curtains beautifully bespoke. Think of embroidered patterns or scalloped edges. If you’re confident in your creative ability you can do this yourself or find a qualified seamstress to help.

The beauty of this is you can create a pair of curtains that no one else will have. If you’re designing a nursery this is a really lovely option to make something unique for your little one.

Dainty designs that give cottage core vibes are easy to create with hand-crafted details like embroidered flowers and sequins. Bare in mind this is a time-consuming task and may be easier on a smaller pair of curtains or just along the hem.


Layering curtains with voiles is not just a great look aesthetically, it allows you privacy in the day whilst still flooding your home with mood-boosting natural light.

You can then draw your curtains in the evening to create a cosy atmosphere and even more enhanced privacy.

Blackout Curtains

We never thought we’d be saying  blackout curtains are a trend, we’ve always classed them as a necessity for those who want to keep light out of their homes in the early morning. The fact they come in stunning colours and designs is just an added bonus.

But, after researching 2023 interior design trends and finding out must-know curtain trends, it turns out blackout curtain popularity is on the rise. This could be due to the fact people are searching for how to make their homes more energy efficient and blackout curtains can reduce energy bills by up to 20%.

Maybe people just want to find ways to stay in bed for longer and not be interrupted by the early morning sun rays. Whatever the reason, at The Mill Shop we have a range of beautiful blackout curtains to suit every room in your home.

We’ve given you advice on curtain trends to follow; for interior trends to avoid check out our blog ‘ Ten Interior Design Trends To Avoid’. For further information on all things curtains don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team via email at sales@themillshop.co.uk or by phoning 01623 445480. 

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