You’re about to browse our collection of high-quality terracotta curtains. Whether you opt for a plain backdrop or something with a pattern like the Felicity, Kensington, or Braemar options we’re sure you’ll find something that suits your home's aesthetic perfectly. 

The word terracotta originates from the italian words earth and cooked. It’s a rich colour, a warm hue commonly associated with natural landscapes. Sitting between orange and brown on the colour spectrum this earthy tone lends itself to being styled with neutral decor such as natural toned cushions

Terracotta curtains work brilliantly in rooms that are trying to encapsulate warmth, comfort and antiquity in their styling. These styles are perfect for traditional homes but also look good when incorporated into more modern homes with the right accessories

Terracotta curtains can create a cosy and inviting atmosphere ideal for hosting guests or spending time together as a family. The colour is not only a great way of allowing a room to connect with nature and historic roots but also a great way of connecting with those around you in a space that feels safe and welcoming. 

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