At The Mill Shop, we have a range of high quality cushions in an array of colours. Our cushions are designed with style in mind from florals, fringing, metallics, and pom poms as standard. From neutral tones to passionate pink we have something to suit everybody's style.

Pink is one of our favourite colours at The Mill Shop. Feminine, bold, flirtatious, and full of  love and nurture. An ‘everything is rosey’ mentality is sure to be the feeling in any room showcasing pink accessories. 

Our collection includes sequins, metallics, pom poms, fringed, and floral, all in a range of pink shades to suit bold and pastel aesthetics. 

Team with our pink curtains and voiles for a room that gives Barbie vibes and pure sophistication and style. The perfect interior design choice for bedrooms and dressing rooms. 

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