Looking to create an elegant room that evokes regal charm, captivates guests, and boasts luxury? Purple curtains are the perfect choice for you. The colour purple is known for its regal properties and is an ideal way of adding a touch of sumptuousness and elegance to any room. 

Create a window display fit for royalty with The Mill Shop’s range of opulent purple curtains. From pretty botanical prints to deep purple hues there is something to suit all aesthetics. Style with creams and golds, matching cushions and plush throws to create a really luxurious looking room. 

Purple curtains are the perfect option for those seeking to infuse their interiors with a touch of lavishness. Whether you opt for deep and velvety aubergine or delicate lavender, purple curtains when styled with the right accessories can suit a range of styles from classic to contemporary. 

Purple curtains can act as a great focal point without overwhelming a room. If you’re looking for a lighter option that traditional curtains our purple voiles are ideal for dressing rooms and french doors. They can also be styled with your curtains for a dramatic look.

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