Café nets by the metre

Cafe net curtains allow the light to flood into your home without compromising on privacy. The ideal nets for kitchens, caravans, and you’ve guessed it cafes. Add texture, floral fun, and quirky design into your home. 

Check out our range of kitchen curtains to complement your café curtains. From dainty butterflies to bold flowers on beautiful lace nets. We have something to suit every room in your home.  

Cafe net curtains can help to dress large windows and bring something extra to a room. If you’re looking to spruce up your kitchen check out our range of tableware, we stock stunning striped and checked tablecloths to modernise any kitchen or dining room. 

Don’t forget your net accessories to put up your café net curtains with ease. For more information don’t hesitate to contact us on and we’ll endeavor to answer all your net curtain needs.


What length should your café net curtains be?

The ideal length is between 24 and 36 inches. Giving you the benefits of privacy and plenty of natural light. However, with our made to measure nets the length is up to you.  

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