5th Mar 2024

Matching 2024 Baby Names With Our Nursery Curtains

Matching 2024 Baby Names With Our Nursery Curtains

Hello and welcome to the blog post that all expectant parents need to read. Once the excitement of finding out you’re expecting a beautiful bundle of joy resides slightly, the overwhelming feeling that you need to prepare for this tiny human starts to creep in.

You need to be getting as much sleep as possible while you still can, so let The Mill Shop team help you with baby name inspiration and must-have nursery curtain ideas.

We’ve picked some of our incredible curtain colours that we think would pair perfectly with numerous nursery themes, and we’ve paired each colour with a baby name that we love. 

Blue- Blair

Blair is a fashionable unisex name. It has gained more popularity among females in recent years. The name Blair exudes strength and sophistication. If you’re a fan of Gossip Girl, the name Blair may already be on your radar.

In our range of blue curtains, you’ll find a plethora of patterns and styles. We love the dotty pair pictured above. They're ideal for a fun unisex nursery or playroom that will grow with your child.

Cream - Cassie

Cassie is a charming name that conveys warmth, friendliness and approachability. Perfect for a future generation of vibrant and confident little ones. The name has been used for girls and occasionally boys as well.

Cream curtains are perfect for unisex rooms and they create a relaxing ambience. Calm nurseries invite children to sleep peacefully and feel relaxed in their own space. Using neutral tones ensures your baby's nursery won’t be an overstimulating environment.

Duck egg - Drew

If you’re seeking a timeless and contemporary unisex name, Drew is a brilliant option. People with the name Drew are often great decision-makers, determined and full of drive. Drew is also great for double-barrelled girl names such as Delilah-Drew, Lilly-Drew, and Ophelia-Drew.

Duck egg blue is the ideal shade of blue for unisex bedrooms as it’s suitable for baby girls and boys, depending on how you choose to accessorise. Voiles are a good option for baby rooms, allowing light to flow into the space.

Green - Grace

Grace is a beautiful, traditional girl's name meaning blessing. The name conveys beauty and elegance, and it often symbolises charm and spiritual purity.

Green curtains including voiles (like the ones pictured above) are ideal for unisex bedrooms. The colour green is often associated with growth, renewal and vitality, making it an ideal choice for a nurturing environment.

Natural- Nola

The name Nola is feminine, unique, charming, and has a distinctive quality that evokes a sense of warmth. Nola is sometimes interpreted to mean noble, which adds a sense of dignity and significance to the name.

Our range of natural curtains includes cream, white and golden shades, some patterned like the stunning natural floral design pictured above.

Pink - Penelope

The name Penelope has grown in popularity over recent years, thanks in part to its association with the strong and independent female character in Bridgerton. In Greek mythology, Penelope was the faithful and clever wife of Odysseus and renowned for her intelligence, patience and loyalty.

With its soft, melodic sounds, Penelope rolls off the tongue with ease. It offers a variety of endearing nicknames, such as Penny or Nell, providing flexibility for personalisation while still maintaining the name's charm.

Create a pretty pink room fit for a princess with our range of pink curtains. They’re available in a range of complementary shades, however, we think our pale pink options are ideal for nurseries.

Yellow - Yannis

The letter Y represents the number 1 which symbolises the sun, the planet of leadership and power.

Yannis is a typically male Greek name. People named Yannis are often perceived as confident, determined and charismatic.

With names beginning with Y representing the sun, it seems fitting that if your child is called Yannis their nursery could be adorned with yellow curtains to match their developing, vibrant and bright personality.

Our range of yellow and ochre curtains come in various shades ensuring there is something to suit all aesthetic preferences.

We’ve delved into some of the beautiful nursery curtains in our collection and looked at a range of unique and enchanting names for your little ones, and we hope you’ve felt inspired.

For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with The Mill Shop team on 01623 445480.

Calming and colourful nursery curtains and voiles

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