12th Nov 2021

Door Curtains Buying Guide

Door Curtains Buying Guide

Door curtains. Who doesn’t love that little extra zhuzh they can bring to a home? We’re biased, we know. But by the end of this article, we think you’ll love door curtains just as much as we do!

Depending on where you choose to feature door curtains, and/or what style you opt for - door curtains really do have the ability to add an interesting edge to a room or act as the cherry on top of your interior design efforts.

Beige Door Curtain

It’s kind of comparable to when you find the most incredible pair of shoes to perfectly match a dress you’ve been wanting to wear forever. Like a missing piece of a puzzle. Door curtains can just really bring your home design altogether, whilst also bringing your home effortlessly to life with an interesting stylish flare.

Aside from making a room look beautiful, they also have many practical features (we’ll get into those later) so you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

Still unsure on whether door curtains are for you? We’re here to help. Read on to discover all the benefits and considerations you need to know about before buying door curtains for your home…

Purple and White Floral Curtains

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Door curtains overview

We’d like to start by saying that door curtains aren’t reinventing the wheel or anything, so you needn’t worry if you’re not a design guru, or if you’re worried about getting anything wrong. There is no right or wrong when it comes to design preference.

There’s no need to overcomplicate things. Essentially, door curtains are just like any other set of curtains - they can come with an array of different features.

Eyelet or pencil pleat? Yep, you can purchase door curtains in those styles. Are blackout door curtains a thing? Yes, they’re available. What about thermal? Yep, those too. How about lined? Of course.

Door curtains can offer all those sought-after features that may be essential to you when buying other curtains for your home.

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The same goes for design styles, patterns, and colours. Door curtains can be as bold and extravagant, or as neutral and simplistically elegant as you’d like them to be. They can also be as heavyset, or as airy and light as you want them to be. The choice is yours!

Montreal Patio Door Lined Pencil Pleat Curtains

Montreal Patio Door Lined Pencil Pleat Curtains - shop now. 

Where can you position door curtains?

Unsure on whether or not door curtains will suit the openings in your home? Don’t be. Door curtains can be used for a variety of different door openings. These can include:

  • Sliding doors.
  • Terrace doors.
  • Any type of glass door.
  • Front doors.
  • Patio doors.
  • Balcony doors.
  • French doors.
  • Literally any door you’d like.

Peach Door Curtains

The benefits of having door curtains in your home

Door curtains actually offer an array of beneficial features to a home. So let’s dive into some of the key advantages:

  • Thermal door curtains are perfect for insulation.
  • Airy and light door curtains are perfect for ventilation.
  • Door curtains can help with noise reduction.
  • Door curtains offer added privacy whether your doors are open or closed.
  • Door curtains can also help to regulate the temperature balance inside the home.
  • Depending on you and your interior preference, there are tons of design and style options available.

And finally, there’s a benefit to buying your door curtains from The Mill Shop. Many of our door curtains are part of wider collections - so if you want to coordinate your door curtains with curtains elsewhere in your home, you’ll be able to do that!

Green Triangle Patterned Curtain

How to measure for a door curtain

There’s no need to worry about measuring for door curtains - it’s virtually the same as measuring for any other type of curtain. And, lucky for you, we can help with that.

There’s nothing worse than an excessively complicated measuring guide, which is why we’ve made sure that ours is super easy to follow. It’ll cover everything you need to know about measuring for curtains, and it’ll save you a ton of time.

You can check out our measuring guide on The Mill Shop website. We promise you’ll have that door curtain measured to perfection and up in no time!

Beige Door Curtain

Are door curtains efficient?

Absolutely! They’re a cost-effective way to regulate the temperature of your home - no matter the season. This is because door curtains reduce the airflow that travels into the home. This will help to keep your home insulated, whilst also trapping the heat - which is especially handy in the winter.

On the other end of the spectrum - in the warmer months, door curtains can also be a valuable addition to have. British homes aren’t equipped for the scorching heat - so no doubt you’ll want to open your doors to let some much-needed fresh air in. A pro tip - you can never go wrong with a beautiful lace door curtain in the summer months.

For example, if you have large patio doors that open up into your garden - the use of light and airy door curtains will allow you to soak in all of the fresh air you desire, whilst also preserving a sense of privacy.

There’s nothing worse than feeling as though you may have prying eyes into your home from either your nosy neighbours or passersby. So adding a door curtain to open (or closed) areas will help you to prevent just that.

Our selection of door curtains

At The Mill Shop, we stock an abundance of stunning door curtains, in many different designs and every colour you could possibly think of. What can we say? We appreciate individuality, and we love to be able to offer a variety so that we can ensure that everybody is catered for.

In addition to the above, we also offer a huge variety of ready-made door curtains that feature the use of a variety of different fabrics, to ensure that we can deliver on everyone’s individual preferences. We think of everything here at The Mill Shop!

Oh, and our door curtains are super easy to get up. We know that you’d rather spend your time on fun things, so when we say that they’re super easy to get up - it’ll literally take you minutes to hang our door curtains.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed learning about door curtains, and what they can bring to your home. We offer an extensive variety, with plenty of designs and colours to choose from - so be sure to check out our website for fantastic variety at superb prices. 

Why not head over and check out our full selection of door curtains. Browse our full range of colours, patterns and designs to find the perfect addition to your home. 

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