23rd Mar 2023

How to Hang Hook Curtains

How to Hang Hook Curtains

The curtains you choose to hang in your home will greatly impact the overall interior design of your space, making it an important detail to think about when decorating a room. How you hang these curtains will depend on the style of curtain you buy.

Curtains are a crucial element of home decor that can make or break the overall look of a room. They can add an extra layer of sophistication and style. A good pair will also give a number of practical benefits. A simple yet effective way to enhance the aesthetics of any room, they play a significant role in making a room complete.

If you happen to choose curtains that require a hook fixing, you may be unsure of how to hang them.

This short guide should help you when hanging your curtains, making sure the finishing touches to your decor make your room as perfect as it can be.

1. Gathering the curtains

Before you attach your curtain hooks, gather the curtains to the desired gather and make sure they fit the window properly. Then tie the strings to keep them in place; it's best to use an adjustable knot so you can adjust the gather if necessary. Before you begin, make sure you have the correct number of curtain hooks, and then follow the steps below to learn how to attach curtain hooks.

Decide on the right length

Three rows of pockets are common in pencil pleat heading tapes. The length of your curtains will be determined by the pocket you select. There are numerous advantages to having these length options. Mostly as they allow you to easily adjust your curtains if necessary.

2. Place the hooks

Curtain hooks should be placed every four pockets or so to ensure that the curtains are secure. In general, this is dependent on the number of hooks you have. Because there aren't always enough hooks included with the curtains, it's a good idea to pick up an extra pack of curtain hooks in case you run out.

3. Evenly space the hooks

Once the hooks are in place, double-check that they are evenly spaced, as uneven hooks will cause the curtains to hang unevenly. When you are satisfied with the placement of the hooks, attach them to the curtain pole.

4. Hang your curtains

We advise that you enlist the help of a friend when hanging the curtains - you’ll need someone to hold the ladder for you. Take care and try not to rush, you’ll be more than pleased with the result.

Still need some pointers? Here’s a few more things to consider when hanging curtains:

  • Consider the material

It’s important to give thought to the type of natural fabric used in the curtains in relation to room design. Different fabrics can require different handling when it comes to hanging and pleating. For example, heavy fabrics like velvet may need more support and may not pleat as easily as lighter fabrics. On the other hand, lightweight fabrics like silk or chiffon may require extra care when attaching hooks, as they can easily tear or damage.

  • Be careful with the height of the curtain rod

The height at which you hang your curtains can greatly affect the overall look of the room. For a more dramatic effect, you can hang the curtains higher than the window frame to create the illusion of taller ceilings. However, if you prefer a more traditional look, you can hang the curtains at the level of the window frame.

  • Think about the length of your curtains

If your curtains are too short, they can look awkward and out of place. However, if they are too long, they can drag on the floor or bunch up at the bottom, which can be both unsightly and a tripping hazard. To get the perfect length, measure from the top of the curtain rod to the floor and subtract an inch or two to allow for a small gap between the curtains and the floor.

Lastly, remember that it’s okay to play around with different styles and colours of curtains to find the perfect fit for your home. Don't be afraid to experiment with patterns, textures, and colours to add some character and depth to your space.

In conclusion, hanging hook curtains may seem like a daunting task, but with a few simple tips and tricks, you can create a beautiful and polished look for your room. By taking into consideration the type of fabric, the length, the height of the curtain rod, and the overall design, you can create a stunning display that perfectly complements your home decor.

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