10th Aug 2023

How to Bring the Outside In with Botanical Curtains

How to Bring the Outside In with Botanical Curtains

Life can be hectic, but finding ways to still our minds and reconnect with what makes us feel our best is increasingly important. Nature is a brilliant way to help you feel grounded and bring your head into a calmer space.

No wonder then that biophilic design has become popular not only with designers of offices, but in the home too.

It is a concept that brings the natural world into our living spaces, connecting us with nature and enhancing our overall well-being.

By incorporating elements inspired by nature into our homes, we create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also provide numerous physical and psychological benefits.

Incorporating biophilic design principles in our homes has become a popular trend, and for good reason. By blending nature with architecture and interior design, we create environments that promote relaxation, reduce stress, and increase productivity.

One key aspect of biophilic design is the use of natural materials. Opting for wood, stone, or natural fibres for furniture and decor not only adds warmth and texture but also fosters a sense of being grounded in nature. Strategically placing plants throughout the home further enhances this connection, improving air quality and infusing spaces with vitality.

Large windows that frame scenic outdoor views allow natural light to flood indoor spaces, reducing reliance on artificial lighting and providing a seamless visual connection with the outside world.

Incorporating elements like water features or indoor gardens brings the calming effect of water and the vibrant greenery of the outdoors into our living spaces.

In addition to the physical aspects, biophilic design also addresses our emotional and psychological well-being. The presence of nature-inspired artwork, photographs, or wallpapers can evoke a sense of serenity and nostalgia. Nature-inspired colours such as greens, blues, and earthy tones create a soothing ambiance and evoke feelings of tranquillity.

A way to bring the beauty of nature indoors is with botanical curtains. They embody all that is tranquillity, harmony, and elegance, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces. The Mill Shop are exploring the magic of botanical curtains, giving you tips on how to incorporate them into your home.

Embrace the Beauty of Nature

Effortlessly blend the comfort of your home with the calmness of the outdoors. Our range of curtains feature flowers in bloom, intricate patterns inspired by nature, and green foliage.

You can opt for subtle botanical hints with our Darcy Printed Pencil Pleat Curtains in deep green, or a bold statement with our Felicity Printed Pencil Pleat Curtains. For an understated, yet impactful look, why not look at our Kensington curtain range and pair it with our Snowden nets for a truly natural style?

Enhance Natural Lighting

Keep your curtains open to create a refreshing and inviting atmosphere that really makes you feel like you’re relaxing in the garden, even during cooler months. You can enhance the effects of natural light by pairing your botanical curtains with stylish voiles. Designed with privacy in mind whilst still ensuring light can enter home. There are so many benefits of natural light and therefore it should be allowed to flood into every room.

Add a Touch of Aromatherapy

Enhance the overall experience of bringing the outside in by using aromatherapy oils or incense. Consider using natural scents such as lavender, eucalyptus, or citrus, this will also further promote relaxation and mimic the tranquillity that outdoors offers.

Complement Your Existing Decor

Botanical curtains suit all aesthetics, from modern to traditional. However, you should think about your current colour palette to make the integration seamless. Take into consideration your wall colours, flooring, furniture, and other decorative elements.

Greenery and Botanical Accents

Add in potted plants like ferns and spider plants, and place them near your windows to create a smooth transition from the outdoors to indoors. However, if you’re not great at keeping plants alive, and artificial foliage isn’t your thing. Flowers in vases can look just as nice.

Botanical-themed wall art in alcoves, floral throw cushions in pastel shades on the sofa, and nature-inspired rugs all pair beautifully with botanical curtains to create a cohesive look.

You can also choose wooden or rattan furniture, this really plays into a natural, earthy aesthetic. For upholstery and bedding opt for organic fabrics like linen and cotton, this adds to the overall calming and natural atmosphere.

Create a Relaxing Sanctuary

Botanical curtains are the ideal choice for a bedroom designed to unwind and rejuvenate. They can help to promote rest and relaxation. Opt for soft greens and calming florals, styled with fresh white bedding and a vase of beautiful flowers, even better if they’re bought for you.

Incorporate Botanical Patterns

If you're not ready to commit to full botanical curtains, you can start by incorporating botanical patterns with our range of cushions. This way, you can enjoy the refreshing aesthetics of nature without committing to something more permanent.

However, once you fall in love with the botanical style we’re sure you’ll transition to botanical curtains in no time.

Seasonal Refresh

The great thing about curtains is they're easier to switch up than wallpaper and paint colours. This means you can change them seasonally. In the spring/summer go for blooming florals in contrasting bright and pastel colours, in autumn/winter opt for richer tones like forest green and royal navy that create a cosy and inviting environment.

Botanical curtains are more than just accessories for your window; they are portals to the outside world. They help to bring the serenity of nature into the heart of your home. By choosing the right botanical curtains you can create a captivating ambiance that celebrates the wonders of the natural world.

At The Mill Shop, we offer an exquisite collection of botanical curtains that cater to various tastes and preferences. We know the importance of making your house feel like a home. For more information on all things curtains don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team at sales@themillshop.co.uk.

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