15th Nov 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Cottagecore

 Everything You Need to Know About Cottagecore

If you don’t know what cottagecore interior design is and you’re interested in knowing more, you’re in the right place. Today, we’re talking about all things cottagecore!

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We’re here to shed some light on all things cottagecore, and how you can achieve the look in your home. Read on to find out everything you need to know...

Cottagecore overview

Cottagecore is one of the biggest interior design trends of the year, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Essentially, it is an aesthetic trend that glamourises rural living. More specifically, British rural living.

It's a trend that embraces finding fulfillment and enjoyment in life’s simple pleasures. The style tends to be described as ultra-feminine, although that’s completely subjective.

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Cottagecore naturally encompasses a sustainable way of living. It’s all about functionality, simplicity, and comfort. So if anyone mentions to you that your home appears a little cluttered - simply respond that it’s cottagecore vibes!

If you’re naturally drawn to cottagecore interior design, chances are you hold great importance on becoming more environmentally conscious in regards to your home. You love to be surrounded by nature, and can’t refuse an upcycling project.

Why is cottagecore so popular?

Well, as you’ll know, we all started spending a lot more time in our homes from 2020.

As this became our reality, it became more important to people for their homes to reflect somewhere they felt comfortable. This is why cottagecore is so popular, as people started looking for ways to create a functional and homely atmosphere. Somewhere they would happily want to spend prolonged periods.

It’s important to understand that cottagecore isn’t about ditching technology and cooking everything from scratch from your homegrown garden (although that sounds lovely!).

The trend is all about harmonising your home so that it feels personal and unique to you. Sure, there are design tips to follow to achieve the look and feel, but placements and how you want your home to incorporate these design elements are up to you.

Cottagecore interior design tips

How does this translate into an interior design trend? The best way to do this is to not overcomplicate it - it’s all about creating a homely atmosphere.

Think shabby chic, meets rustic chic, meets modern farmhouse chic. However, several fundamental elements go into creating the cottagecore look.

Prioritise your comfort

This might sound simple, but more often than not, people will design their home as though they had dinner parties scheduled for every evening.

Cottagecore is about allowing your home to be your personal sanctuary and avoiding show-home vibes. Place your furniture and soft furnishings where they are convenient to you. Incorporate your lifestyle into your home to avoid having to alter your lifestyle to fit your home.

Do you love to read in the living room and not in bed? Great, put your bookshelf in that room instead. Do you prefer to watch TV curled up in bed? Do that then. Always fancy a biscuit after dinner? Put your snacks in the living room. Hate bright lighting? Place mismatch lamps everywhere instead.

Place homely features throughout your space that will ultimately give you the most comfort. Candles, blankets, reading lamps, cosy rugs. It’s up to you!

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Florals and house plants

Floral patterns are a huge part of creating the cottagecore look and feel. So don’t be afraid to experiment with natural elements within the home, even if it’s in the form of soft furnishing patterns and designs.

As we mentioned earlier, cottagecore homes will have a collection of houseplants dotted around.

We can’t stress enough that botanical features are a huge part of this design trend. So go wild. Create an inside garden if cottagecore is your goal. And it’s okay to not just place them on windowsills.

Don’t be afraid to use mismatching pots, or hanging them on the walls or in unconventional areas - this is also a huge part of the trend. Embrace the beauty of imperfection!

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This will create the vibe of your home being connected to nature, which inherently has a calming effect. Of course, there’s no question that house plants are visually beautiful, but they’re also good for your health. They’ll naturally clean the air of your home.

Plus, it’ll look like you have your life put together. Because it shows that you can care for other living and breathing beings that aren’t you!

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Checkered patterns

There’s something quite nostalgic about checkered patterns in the home. Maybe because it was huge in the ’80s, so it reminds us of our childhood. Whatever the reason may be, it’s a huge part of creating the cottagecore vibe.

If you search for cottagecore homes on social media or Google, you’ll see checkered patterns popping up everywhere. Checkered bedding is ideal. Even checkered curtains! Checkered throws - however, it fits into your home best is okay.

Vintage-style soft furnishings

There are many stylistic approaches to cottagecore that are similar to regencycore. Vintage style soft furnishings being one of them.

Why are there distinct similarities within two completely different interior decor styles? It could be to do with the fact that they both originate from the same country and era.

There are, of course, distinctions. Regency-style homes are more about careful placements, symmetry, and designated area arrangements. Cottagecore is all about embracing comfortability and freedom within the home.

So although both styles embrace vintage additions, cottagecore has more freedom to play around with this. Incorporating vintage patterns wherever possible that fit your home is ideal. Cushions, curtains, bedding, rugs, furniture. Do anything, anywhere. If you can get vintage-styled features in pastel shades? Even better! But it’s not essential.

That’s the beauty of cottagecore. You have complete control over how you decorate your home, and as long as you have these elements added in, you’ll be able to achieve the look no matter what.

Heavy-set curtains

What better way to create a cosy vibe in the home? Heavy-set curtains, such as blackout curtains, are a simple yet effective way to achieve a proper homely feel to any room.

They’ll help to retain heat so that you can stay warm and comfortable. They’ll help your home remain peaceful, naturally shielding you from commotion happening outside. And the most cottagecore element of all? They naturally tie into a sustainable lifestyle, with some thermal heavy-set curtains reducing energy consumption by 25%.

They look brilliant, whatever the style of your home. And with so many different patterns and styles readily available (especially here at The Mill Shop!), you’re bound to find the perfect pair to suit the cottagecore aesthetic.

Light and airy curtains

Interestingly enough, light and airy curtains are also great for creating a cottagecore vibe, again, it’s all about placement. These soft and airy finishing touches will help to achieve that simplistically classical aesthetic that cottagecore naturally embodies.

Placing light and delicate curtains throughout your home will allow for letting fresh air into the home, whilst also maintaining privacy. For example, the delicate features of door curtains, or voiles, commonly feature floral embroidery - perfect for cottagecore homes.

Other cottagecore style quick tips

We’ve always said that the best results come down to the little details. Here are a few style tips to create a more authentic cottagecore look and feel in your home:

  • Amongst the clashy patterns, be sure to have a few neutral tones throughout the home also. This will balance everything out nicely, and bring the entire look together.
  • Use delicate tableware.
  • Books. Books. Books. Have them everywhere!
  • Make use of rustic and wooden furniture placements.
  • Miss match is welcomed - clashy patterns that still match the colour palette are ideal.
  • Botanical features, incorporated in any way you like. Think floral soft furnishings and flower gatherings.
  • Don’t be afraid of bold colours.
  • Artwork of any kind is warmly welcomed in cottagecore design.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed discovering how you can achieve the cottagecore feel in your home. We offer an extensive variety, with many collections that will help you to successfully create this look in your home - so be sure to check out our website for fantastic variety at great prices. 

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