15th Nov 2021

A Guide to Buying Curtains and Blinds for Your Caravan

A Guide to Buying Curtains and Blinds for Your Caravan

Whether you’ve recently bought a caravan or you enjoy a caravan holiday regularly, decorating your second home is an essential detail to get right.

Choosing the right curtains or blinds for your caravan will likely depend on personal preference. At The Mill shop, we offer an extensive selection of suitable options, whether it’s made to measure or a standard size.

As caravans will have smaller window areas by nature, the key is to invest in curtains that’ll allow you privacy - without blocking out all of the natural light. Read on to discover everything you need to know about buying curtains and blinds for your caravan…

Factors to consider before buying

First of all, you’ll need to determine which option is best for you. Both options will do a great job of providing a sense of style, whilst also preventing heat loss. Either option will also allow for privacy - whilst also letting you decide how much natural light you want to let in.

The question is which option do you prefer? We highly recommend checking out our recent blog, where we go into detail on when to choose curtains or blinds. 

A popular choice for caravan settings tends to be light and airy fabrics, as heavy set curtains aren’t as practical in a confined space. Popular styles include louvre blinds, net curtains, jardinière curtains, and also voiles.

Net curtains

This style is perfectly suited for a caravan setting, as they’ll ensure privacy without having to go without natural lighting. When net curtains are drawn, you’ll be able to see outside but not vice versa.

Net curtains offer the perfect balance between stylish and practical. Unlike heavier set curtains such as blackout, net curtains can provide you with much-needed privacy as well as still allowing natural light to come in.

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There’s also no need to compromise on your style preference, as net curtains are available in many different variations, colours, and patterns. They can also be purchased in standard sizing or made to measure to ensure a perfect fit.


Voiles curtains are the modern adaptation of net curtains. The main difference between the two is that voile is woven instead of knitted like their net counterparts - giving a more delicate yet robust finish.

This style can come in slot top or tab top, depending on your fitting preference. Voiles are also great for letting natural light in during the daytime, whilst still maintaining privacy.

Voiles can help to add a personal flair to your caravan as they come in a variety of different coloured fabrics, and feature many patterns. These include butterfly, swallow, and also a range of embroidered styles.

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Jardinière curtains

Jardinière curtains are a style of net curtains, known for their distinctive signature arched bottom hem. The ideal option for maintaining a sense of privacy, they will allow bright natural light to come in whilst still ensuring passersby aren’t able to see inside.

Jardinières are available in either net or voile and offer a great sense of style to any caravan. Like other options, jardinère curtains can come in either ready-made sizes or made-to-measure. At The Millshop, we offer jardinière curtains featuring great designs such as floral and leaf patterns.

Louvre blinds

If you would prefer an alternative to curtains, louvre blinds are also worth considering for your caravan.

Louvre is a style of blind that features horizontal slats, perfectly angled to allow natural light in whilst still maintaining a sense of privacy.

Louvre blinds are also great for rainy days, as when drawn you’ll be able to open the windows of your caravan without rain coming inside.

Louvre blinds offer a sophisticated and stylish finish, as they tend to feature vibrant patterns.

How to order made to measure curtains

If a standard size won’t cut it and you need a made to measure set of curtains, consider these steps:

  • Decide on what type and style of curtains you want.
  • Establish where your curtain rod will go. The rule of thumb is around 6 inches above a window to give the illusion of a bigger space. In a caravan, you’ll likely opt for a shorter measurement.
  • Choose how much overall coverage you would like, along with how much light you would like to be able to block out.
  • Grab your tape measure, and starting from the curtain rod, carefully measure down to where you’d like your curtains to finish. Don’t forget to also measure side to side, and double it if you prefer the curtains to appear fuller.

Specifically for custom made net curtains and Jardinières

For perfect precision, when ordering your made-to-measure curtains at The Mill Shop, you’ll need to fill out these three simple steps when carrying out your order. This includes:

  1. The width and drop measurement.

  1. Gather preference.

  1. Heading (per metre).

Easy ways to hang curtains in your caravan

Tension rods

If you’re looking for an easy way to hang curtains in your caravan, we recommend considering a tension rod. Tension rods are deemed a great alternative for hanging voiles and net curtains, as they are specially designed for smaller window areas.

With a tension rod, all you need to do is install it by twisting the rod to fit the size of the window so it can sit nicely. The tension in the rod as a result of the ‘twist’ secures this in place, and it’ll hang voiles and net curtains perfectly.

Net rods

Net rods are another great alternative, as they are specially designed to hang lightweight net curtains and voiles. Net rods are easy to install and fix into place, as they are fully extendable. Don’t forget to buy the sticky hooks and supports for securing into place. 

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