28th Feb 2022

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Net Curtains

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Net Curtains

It’s no secret that we’re huge advocates of net curtains here at The Mill Shop. They’re the lightest and airiest curtain-type on the market, oozing taste and elegance in any room they feature in.

We understand that not everyone will be so sure about this curtain option, which is why we’re here to let you in on some interesting facts about this gorgeous and delicate curtain feature!

Read on to discover 10 interesting facts about net curtains…

Amy Lace Net Curtains

Amy Lace Net Curtains - shop now.

Net curtains help keep your home safe and protected

You may have thought that it was impossible to keep your home safe with a sheer type of curtain. Well, think again!

Net curtains have quite a magical effect. They allow you to see out, but others will not be able to see in. This allows you to rest assured that they can prevent any opportunistic crimes from occurring, as no one will be able to see anything from the outside that catches their eye!

So, if you’ve always worried and opted for heavier set curtains because of this, fear not. Net curtains will do a superb job of allowing you to maintain privacy within your home throughout the day.

Ritz Lace Net Curtains

Net curtains let natural light in

Continuing on from the point above, because you won’t have to worry about your privacy being compromised with the use of net curtains - you won’t have to worry about keeping the curtains drawn. This is one of the many reasons why people choose net curtains, as they allow natural light to fill their homes.

What’s more, net curtains will naturally diffuse the natural light that enters your home, whilst also softening potentially harmful UV rays. This will provide a blanket of protection to household items that can become damaged (eg. furniture) from this type of exposure.

Cumbria Made to Measure Lace Net Panel

Cumbria Made to Measure Lace Net Panel - shop now.

“Ordered my net curtains, the delivery was very quick. The nets arrived in individual packaging, very good quality and they look lovely up.” - verified customer.

Vienna Lace Net Curtains

Net curtains are super easy to clean

Net curtains are very easy to clean - especially in comparison to other curtains types. For example, it’s never the easiest of tasks to take down heavy thermal curtains for a thorough cleaning!

You can usually either hand-wash or machine wash net curtains with ease, depending on which type of net curtains you have your eye on. We advise that you check the care information carefully.

Ella Lace Jardiniere

Ella Lace Jardiniere - shop now.

Net curtains are very affordable

Net curtains are one of the most affordable options on the market, representing the best value for money.

You’ll be able to purchase high-quality net curtains that feature a variety of different styles and designs, at great prices. So, if you’re looking for a beautiful way to redecorate your home on a budget, you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous pair of net curtains.

For example, we offer an extensive range of net curtains, with a vast selection priced at as little as £2.61! A perfect example of this would be our stunning Clumber Lace Net Curtains - a beautiful net curtain option, sold by the metre. They are specially designed to be a timeless and elegant feature in any home, with a starting price of £2.61.

Clumber Lace Net Curtains

Clumber Lace Net Curtains - shop now.

Net curtains can feature a variety of colours

A common misconception is that net curtains are only available in neutral colours, such as whites and creams. This simply isn’t the case!

Net curtains can (and often) feature many different colours. For example, here at The Mill Shop - we offer an extensive range of net curtains that feature colourful embroidery. The perfect addition for those who are looking for a curtain option that will stand out, drawing the eyes in.

For inspiration purposes, take a look at our stunning Claudia Floral Net Curtains below, crafted beautifully with touches of yellow floral patterns, helping to shape the overall appearance of these net curtains beautifully.

Claudia Floral Net Curtains

Claudia Floral Net Curtains - shop now.

“Excellent cream net curtain. You cannot buy cream net curtains anywhere, and they arrived in good time. Really good quality and lovely design - I will order again. Great service and if you like cream net curtains rather than white, then this is the place to shop.” - verified customer.

Net curtains are not the same as voiles

Yep. Although the two are very similar, they have distinct differences. Think of voiles as more of a modern take on net curtains, as although nets can feature different colours, it is more often seen with voiles.

Net curtains tend to be seen as the more practical option, as they do a fantastic job in regards to maintaining privacy, usually coming in a more neutral colour so that they can match pretty much any interior.

Voiles are woven slightly differently from net curtains, using a finer and more robust fabric, which is why they’re seen as the option to choose if you’re goal is mainly decorative.

Net curtains can help with hay fever

With spring right around the corner, we thought this fact was particularly relevant! Net curtains can be used to help with relieving hay fever symptoms.

Once hay fever strikes, it can feel like there’s nowhere you can go to relieve your symptoms. However, if you have net curtains in your home - you’ll be able to keep those windows and patios doors wide open, as they’ll act as a barrier, successfully preventing any pesky pollen particles from entering the home.

Valencia Louvre Blinds

Valencia Louvre Blinds - shop now.

Net curtains can help ease asthma symptoms

Similar to how net curtains are great for relieving hay fever symptoms - they’re also great for helping those with asthma. We’ll explain how below.

You would be surprised by just how much microscopic dust mites curtains can harbour. We’ll spare you from an exact figure, but it’s in the tens of thousands! This is why it’s recommended that you wash your curtains every six months or so.

We just want to clarify that these dust mites are microscopic, and it’s completely normal for them to be present in pretty much every home. This isn't usually a problem, and you’ll likely go about your day never noticing.

However, those with asthma will find themselves to be more sensitive to these microscopic dust mites, which can prompt these types of allergic reactions. As net curtains are a very light and airy option, they are likely to harbour less of these dust mites. As well as this, net curtains are very easy to thoroughly clean, making them a great option for removing dust mites quickly.

Una Lace Net Curtains

Una Lace Net Curtains - shop now.

“I was very pleased with the online service, as it was quick and easy to pick the net curtains I wanted. The sizes we exactly right for me, thank you.” - verified customer.

You’ll have them up in no time

We don’t know about you, but we hate all of the messing around when it comes to hanging curtains. We’re sure you just want them up and looking lovely in no time!

The good news is that with net curtains, this is more than possible. Why? Because all you’ll need is a tension rod. With a simple twist and fit spring mechanism, the rods sit tight in a recess, allowing you to have your net curtains up in a flash. In fact, we would go as far as to say in a matter of seconds!

Tension Rods

Tension Rods - shop now.

“Great selection. Arrived on time, they are well made - and a perfect fit. Bought 2.5x window width and I think this is the correct fullness for a plain net.” - verified customer.

Net curtains are very versatile

Similar to other curtain types, net curtains are superb for offering the chance to showcase your unique style in your home.

Embroidery that is featured on net curtains can take shape in many different styles and patterns. So, whether you love the idea of simplistic net curtains or options that feature stunning floral embroidery - you’re guaranteed to find the style you’ve always wanted. To discover just how versatile net curtains can be, we would highly recommend that you browse our full range.

Style aside, did you know that there are a variety of different types of net curtains? When you browse through our extensive selection, you’ll have the chance to discover all of the different types of net curtains available - including louvre blinds, cafe nets, sets, jardinieres, and of course, our famous made-to-measure net curtain range.

Meadow Coloured Butterfly Lace Cafe Net

Meadow Coloured Butterfly Lace Cafe Net - shop now.

We hope that you enjoyed discovering 10 interesting facts about net curtains. And remember, here at The Mill Shop, we offer an extensive range of the most gorgeous net curtains at fantastic prices - so feel free to explore the rest of our website for more.

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