Cushion filler has an array of names, cushion inserts, fill for cushions, or cushion pads. Whatever you call it, we know you’re wanting something that will provide luxurious comfort. Ensuring your cushions are plump and luxe looking, complementing every room in your home. 

Our cushion fillers are made from 100% polyester to be irresistibly soft. You can also shop our range of filled cushions to complement any other cushions you have in your home. 

Our bolster cushion filler and filler pads are designed to suit different styles of cushions. Whilst they’re for different types of cushions they’re both made to be durable, offer great support, and be super comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best filling for cushions?

Using a synthetic filler such as a polyester pad for cushions is the best option. This is because the material helps to minimise dust-mites, it’s lightweight, soft, and plump whilst having hypoallergenic properties. 

How often should you change a cushion filler?

You may be able to increase the longevity of your cushion filler with regular plumping and a good wash, however, it is recommended to change your cushion pads every two-three years to keep them plump and fresh. 

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