26th Aug 2022

Sitting Comfortably? The Best Seat Cushions for Posture

Sitting Comfortably? The Best Seat Cushions for Posture

Keeping a healthy posture can really have huge benefits for you and your lifestyle.

But what do we mean by good posture? When sitting, it’s important that your feet rest flat on the floor with even weight on both of your hips.

Good posture also means having a neutral spine. When we have a good posture the muscles surrounding the spine are balanced and support the whole body equally. Posture is all about how you hold your body.

There are two types of posture, dynamic posture which is how you hold yourself when you are moving and static posture is how you hold yourself when you aren’t moving, it is important to make sure you have good static and dynamic posture.

How can you improve your posture?

There are many different things that you can do in your day-to-day life to help improve your posture. All of these helpful pointers will improve your static and dynamic posture in no time.

Be mindful

Make sure you are being mindful of your posture during your everyday activities, like sitting on the sofa and watching TV, washing the dishes or walking the dog.

Stay active

Any kind of physical activity can help with your posture but there are certain types of exercises that can be especially helpful, like yoga. It is also important to focus on exercises that strengthen your core.

Be healthy

Maintaining a healthy weight can be essential when trying to improve your posture. Extra weight can cause problems for your pelvis and spine, and contribute to back pain, which can also hurt your posture.

Work at a comfortable height

Whether you are sitting in front of a computer, making dinner or eating a meal, it’s really important that you’re aware of your posture. Working at a comfortable height that doesn’t pull at your back or shoulders will improve your posture, and you’ll start feeling the effects in no time.

Our Recommendations

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Felicity Back Support Filled Cushion

The Felicity Back Support cushion is designed to support your back when sitting down. The back support is so comfy you’ll want to take it everywhere! Available in three different patterns, Heather, Natural and Terracotta, the cushion is designed to match a variety of different interiors. Curtains, tiebacks and cushions are all available to match.

Velour Filled Cushion

These super soft and cosy velour cushions are great for promoting healthy posture, and supporting your body whilst you’re sitting and relaxing. Available in 6 different colours, these pillows are sure to work with any interior style.

Woolacombe Faux Wool Filled Cushion

This smart herringbone cosy faux wool cushion is available in 6 different colours, perfect for supporting your posture whilst you’re relaxing on your sofa. We also have durable cushion filler pads available in different pack sizes.

Valentina Soft Velour Filled Cushion

This soft embossed velour filled cushion is perfect for supporting your posture when at home. Available in 3 different colours, silver, cream and teal, you don’t have to worry about it fitting with your decor! This range has blackout curtains and patio door curtains to match.

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