26th Aug 2022

Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Cushions for your Sofa

Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Cushions for your Sofa

If your décor is in need of a refresh you might want to think about a low-cost option like changing up your cushions. Buying cushions might seem like an easy decision, but there is a lot more to think about than just that. Cushions tend to be the focal point of your living space so it’s an important decision to make.

How Do I Choose Sofa Cushions?

Don’t get carried away! Choosing your cushions is definitely the fun part, but before doing this, you need to think about the color, the style and the size that’s right for your sofa. Here at The Mill Shop, we stock a wide variety of cushions that will work with many different interior trends, even if you mix and match.

Should My Cushions Match?

It is entirely up to you whether you want your cushions to match or not in terms of colors and patterns, it really depends on the look you are trying to achieve in your home.

If you want your cushions to simply provide comfort on your sofa then it might not matter too much to you that they don’t match, but if you want your interior to be aesthetically pleasing then it might be the best decision to make sure they do. A good set of cushions should be varied enough to add texture and in different sizes, shapes and colors.

Making sure the cushion cover colors work with each other is important, and adding a variety of sizes to your sofa can add depth and personality to your sofa. You should also make sure you are purchasing/choosing cushions which won't overpower the sofa or bed.

How Should I Arrange Cushions?

Once you’ve decided how many cushions you actually want on your sofa, it’s time to play around with the arrangement of them and your existing cushions. You may want to place the bigger cushions you have at the back of the sofa, and the smaller cushions positioned at the front, it all depends on your comfort and how you sit on your sofa.

Or, you might prefer to position a cushion on either end of the sofa, it’s all about comfort, style and ensuring it works with the interior design of your home. On a corner sofa, you have the room to experiment too.

What Is The Best Size of Cushion My Sofa?

This answer will be different for different people. Whilst large cushion sizes can look nice with the aesthetic of your home, they can usually be too much and minimise the room on your sofa for you to sit comfortably.

Here are some of our favourite cushions at The Mill Shop:

Darcy Filled Cushion:

The Darcy Filled Cushion is a cotton mix of bright and beautiful blends. This smaller cushion is available in green, grey and navy to match a darker-toned interior. These cushions make enough of a statement to have sitting on their own.

Spencer Faux Wool Filled Cushion:

Spencer Faux Wool Filled Cushions will match most interiors with their vast color availability. These warm and cosy faux wool cushions are perfectly paired with a bigger patterned cushion to sit behind them. Available in green, grey, terracotta, ochre and pale grey.

Montreal Oblong Filled Cushion:

This oblong filled cushion is going to be a great gap filler. The super soft velour will make those quick naps on the sofa that bit longer, even better! Available in 6 different colors, bottle green, gold, wine, navy, soft grey and soft pink.

Austin Printed Filled Cushion:

With a hand-finished herringbone print effect, the Austin Printed Filled Cushion can be perfectly paired with a block-colored cushion. This bigger cushion is available in grey, natural and terracotta.

How Can You Extend Your Cushions Life?

Whilst you can’t completely prevent your cushions from wearing down over time, there are a few things that you can do to prevent wear and tear. Once you’ve purchased your perfect cushions, you’ll want to follow these steps to ensure a longer cushion life.

1. Flip Your Cushions

When it comes to both your sofa and your cushions, sagging is something that you want to try and avoid to increase the longevity of your cushions. If you can get in the habit of flipping your cushions daily, you can avoid them becoming uneven or particularly flat. Flipping the cushions will prevent any uneven weight distribution and sagging.

2. Rotate Your Cushions

Whilst rotating your cushions is quite similar to flipping them, rotating them involved plumping, which will push air back into your cushions to add life back into them. Plumping your cushions back up will help redistribute anything inside the cushion.

3. Only Wash The Cover

Because of how much you use the cushions on your sofa they will start to get dirty over time, so they will require a wash. However, before you wash your cushions, following the washing guidelines on the label, you need to make sure you remove the inside of the cushion and just wash the cover. If you wash the filling of the cushion, this can cause separation and make your cushion fibres weaker, meaning a not-so-comfy cushion for you!

4. Follow The Cleaning Instructions

We often get side-tracked with the amount of washing we have, and the cushion covers end up just getting thrown in with everything. However, it is important to make sure you follow the cleaning instructions on the label, if you don’t you could end up ruining your cushion cover, shrinking it or damaging the material.

If you’d like some more inspiration for your sofa aesthetics or have questions about your delivery options, visit us at The Mill Shop to get our expert advice.


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