Sofa cushions are an easy and affordable way to help spruce up a living room. Whether you’re looking for textured designs, pretty prints, bold colours, or neutral tones at The Mill Shop we have quality cushions to suit everyone's style. 

The Mill Shop provides a range of cushions to match your curtains, matching your sofa cushions to your curtains is a great way to tie a room together. There are an array of different types of cushions so ensure you check out our full range to find the style that best suits your home.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I go for large cushions on my sofa?

If you have a large sofa then yes, large cushions can be a great addition to large corner sofas without making it look over crowded with lots of little cushions. However, if you have a smaller two seater sofa, large cushions can over power the sofa and just won’t work. 

How to refresh my sofa seat cushions?

You can easily unzip and remove your sofa seat cushion covers to wash them and then hang them out on the line to dry to increase freshness. You can also put scent boosters inside the cushion cover so they let off a nice scent when people sit down. 

You can get a fabric refreshing spray to mist your sofa with every few days if you have pets or small children. Alternatively, opt for leather sofas that can be wiped clean and make them cosier with cushions and throws

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