18th Jul 2023

How to style black curtains in your home

How to style black curtains in your home

Black curtains can really make an impact in a room. They’re modern, stylish and sophisticated. Giving the right balance between romantic elegance and unique boldness.

Black curtains are renowned for their longevity as they don’t show dirt the same way as light curtains do. Perfect for high-traffic areas such as hallways and living rooms.

If you opt for our  blackout black curtains you’ll benefit from improved privacy. As well as the ability to block out natural light and external noise pollution. Our thermal black curtains increase the energy efficiency of your home and keep you warmer in the winter months.

Our black  voiles are perfect if you’re looking for an edgy feminine aesthetic. They’re ideal to pair with curtains to give something a little extra or use on their own for added privacy.

A lot of people opt for lighter curtains, shying away from strong dark shades like black. We know it can be daunting to step away from the comfort of what is seen as ‘normal’ and try something new, but we recommend it. Trying something different can help you to reinvent an entire room taking it from drab to fab with minimum effort.

However, if you’re looking to completely revamp we’ve come up with some helpful tips on how to incorporate black curtains into different rooms in your house. 

Living room:

The living room is where a lot of families spend the majority of their time with each other. Whether it’s chatting, watching TV, or playing board games. With that being said you’ll want to create a cosy and inviting environment.

The  Lucia Thermal Interlined Eyelet Curtains pictured above are simply stunning. The soft matte velour is luxurious and brings a sense of warmth to a room. The delicate rose gold and silver detailing pops against the dark background.

We offer matching  cushions that look great styled with larger silver or rose gold throw cushions. Keep walls light to ensure the room still appears large and bright. Let the curtains do the talking by keeping accessories minimal and wall art simple. Gold frames for pictures are the perfect touch.


Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. An area for relaxing and feeling your best. Opt for blackout curtains in dark colours to help keep light out on early summer mornings. Dark colours such as black are rich and make a room look expensive and stylish.

Black matches with almost anything and never goes out of style. A lot of people have opted for grey/white or neutral-toned bedrooms in recent years following celebrity style trendsetters like Mrs Hinch. Black pairs beautifully with both those colour sets and adds striking detail to a room.

Black curtains look great with mirrored or glass dressing tables and luxurious thickly piled carpets. Large black and white abstract art hung above the bed is a great way of making a room look like it’s come straight out the pages of an interior design magazine.


Often hallways are just used for their intended purpose, an entrance into the home. The walls get scuffed, there are shoes falling off the shoe rack and far too many coats hung up.

Get organised! Store shoes away in cupboards, wardrobes, or a stylish wooden box. Only keep out the coats you use on a daily basis, especially in the summer months. Opt for a stylish black voile at your door for increased privacy if you leave your door open in warmer months and for aesthetic purposes.

A door curtain can help a hallway seem more put together. A space in your home rather than just a passing place to store things. Opting for black means you don’t have to worry as much about it showing up dirt. But you should still regularly clean your curtains. Our blog ‘ An Essential Guide To Washing Your Curtains’ may be a useful read.If you’re not feeling confident enough to go for black curtains, you can still add a bold and statement feel to a room with our black cushions.

Black cushions add depth to a sofa and chair and are brilliant for family homes where sticky fingers can leave marks on lighter upholstery.

Velvet looks luxurious and expensive, adding an element of class to any room. However, our crushed velvet cushions won’t break the bank. They’re high quality to suit low budgets. 

Our  Lucia cushion can be styled with or without matching curtains. The botanical detailing is extremely modern and stylish. The copper and silver colours will never go out of style.

Wanting to keep things simple? Or are you looking for a plain pillow to get your own design printed on? Then our  woven cushions are the perfect option.

For any further guidance or information on curtains of any colour please contact a friendly member of our team on 01623 445480. 

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