1st Nov 2023

Duck Egg Curtains and Cushions: Affordable Luxury Defined

Duck Egg Curtains and Cushions: Affordable Luxury Defined

Ever glanced around your living space and felt something was missing? Ever caught yourself dreaming of a room makeover that whispers elegance yet screams comfort? Enter the world of duck egg curtains and cushions.

Soft velvet, textured cotton eyelets, and blackout functionality aren't merely materials for adorning windows or sofas. These elements are transformative details that can elevate any room from the mundane to the extraordinary.

Duck egg blue is more than a colour - it's an emotion captured in fabric. It has an understated charm and super-soft warmth, perfect for cosy winter evenings by the fire.

This isn't just about dressing your rooms in new curtains or sprinkling plushy accessories around. It's about infusing spaces with a tangible personality, one you can touch, feel and experience every day. So if you've ever been drawn to the captivating charm of such spaces, stick around because we're diving deeper into duck egg curtains and cushions.

The allure of duck egg curtains and cushions

When it comes to infusing charm into your living space, nothing quite matches the allure of duck egg curtains and cushions. Their unique colour scheme breathes life into any room, acting as a versatile addition that complements an array of decor styles.

Understanding the versatility of duck egg colour

Duck egg blue has long been favoured by interior designers for its calming effect and aesthetic appeal. This serene hue is easy on the eye, yet makes a striking impact in any setting - be it your living room or bedroom.

This shade brings about an element of tranquility, similar to gazing at woodland trees under a clear sky. But don't let this gentle touch fool you. The power these curtains hold in transforming spaces can make anyone's jaw drop.

Impact of duck egg curtains and cushions on room ambience

The elegance that emanates from our duck egg curtains extends beyond their physical presence; it influences how we perceive spaces too.

When light filters through these curtains, it casts a soft glow that elevates the room's ambience. The result? A space that feels warm, welcoming and positively dreamy.

The role of blackout eyelet curtains

Blackout eyelet curtains curtains block out light, are noise reducing and also maintain a comfortable temperature in your room. Ideal for people who work night shifts or live in busy city centres, they're a practical choice that can enhance your sleep quality.


Duck egg curtains and cushions give your living space an elegant charm and offer practical benefits. The calming colour scheme revitalises any room into a tranquil haven of comfort and style. Thermal blackout properties help keep rooms warm in the winter months and cool during summer - truly blending beauty with functionality.

Dive into the Windsor range from The Mill Shop

Every curtain range speaks its language, and the Windsor collection at The Mill Shop is no exception. With colour options like duck egg and terracotta, it elevates any room's aesthetics.

If you're seeking a soft touch for your windows that harmoniously blends style and functionality - then this line-up could be your perfect match.

Unveiling discounted prices in the Windsor range

Sprucing up your home doesn't have to break the bank. Take advantage of discounted prices across various products within this standout range of special offers. It's always worth having a look before these steals fly off our virtual shelves.

In addition to appealing price points, customers consistently praise The Mill Shop for quality and service. A quick glance at our glowing TrustPilot reviews would tell you why we are a go-to destination for so many homeowners looking to refresh their living spaces.

The ability of colours to transform an ordinary space into something extraordinary is undeniably magical. From injecting life with vibrant hues such as terracotta, or grounding the ambiance with calming tones like duck egg blue - the Windsor range offers a spectrum of possibilities.

Don't forget about those finishing touches either. The Mill Shop also stocks matching accessories for each curtain pair such as tiebacks and cushions. These accessories add the perfect final touch to complete your desired look.

Curtain lining options - a deep dive

When it comes to curtain linings, one size doesn't fit all. Depending on your requirements and tastes, you may choose a standard lining or something more specific.

Let's talk about the options available at The Mill Shop like thermal lining and blackout lining among others. Each of these has its own charm.

The standard curtain lining

A popular choice is standard lining. As the name suggests, it’s an excellent default option that provides decent light filtration while preserving privacy.

Basking in thermal lining comforts

Thermal linings, however, have their unique appeal with energy-saving features which can keep rooms warm during winter chills. Made using special fabrics, they provide additional insulation making them an eco-friendly solution to those pesky drafts.

Sleep tight with blackout linings

If darkness is essential for a good night's sleep or if there’s need for total privacy – say hello to blackout linings. This type of liner completely blocks out sunlight, making it ideal for bedrooms or even home theatres. Movie nights just got a whole lot better.

Double the comfort with bonded interlining

If you're after both insulation and light blocking capabilities, bonded interlining could be your go-to.

This combines thermal and blackout linings to give an all-in-one solution – because who doesn’t like multitasking products?

Selecting the right curtain lining can feel overwhelming at times. But remember, whether it's standard lining for that classic touch, thermal lining to cosy up during winter evenings or blackout liners ensuring undisturbed sleep, The Mill Shop has got you covered.


The Mill Shop offers a wide variety of choices to suit any preference or need, whether it's a traditional vibe you're after, the snug warmth for those chilly winter nights or total light control for optimal comfort. Whatever your choice may be, rest assured we have got something just right for you.

Enhancing your space with matching accessories

The secret to a well-dressed room is often in the details. A pair of duck egg curtains might be beautiful on their own, but when you add matching cushion covers and tie backs into the mix they can really transform your space.

Tie backs are not just functional elements used to hold back your curtains; they're also accessories that contribute significantly to the overall decor of a room. Available in different sizes tailored to suit curtain widths - from cosy nooks requiring smaller ties, right up to grand bay windows needing more substantial pieces - these handy items provide an easy way for homeowners like yourself to change up your window dressing without making permanent alterations.

Matching cushion covers: a simple trick for cohesion

Cushions play an integral role in interior design. They not only provide comfort and warmth on those cosy winter nights spent on the sofa or bed but also, with their thoughtfully selected designs and colors, such as duck egg blue or eyelet ring patterns, they can help create a harmonious connection among all the elements in your living room or bedroom decor.

Imagine having two cushion sizes – 43cm x 43cm and 56cm x 56cm – covered in fabrics that match your curtains perfectly. It’s this kind of attention-to-detail which helps create professional-looking interiors at home.

Tying it all together: curtain tie backs

Moving onto another equally important accessory - tiebacks. These little marvels have such potential for injecting personality into rooms while providing functionality by keeping flowing curtains under control.

Remember that matching isn't just about colour but also fabric type; pairing cotton eyelet curtain pairs with similar material accessories ensures continuity in design while enhancing the energy saving capabilities of your window treatments.

Buckingham range - a class apart

When it comes to interior design, no element is insignificant. The Buckingham range of duck egg curtains and cushions is one such example that perfectly demonstrates this philosophy. This unique collection combines elegance with practicality, making it a class apart.

The Buckingham range, renowned for its refined style and quality craftsmanship, takes centre stage in any living room or bedroom setting.

Captivating colour palette

Famed for its elegant use of colour, the Buckingham range champions duck egg blue - a soft and calming hue that can make any space feel tranquil.

Regardless of your personal style preference, the subtle sophistication exuded by these products is bound to give your home a much-needed facelift.

Woolacombe range - the modern choice

If you're seeking a modern touch to elevate your living room or bedroom, the Woolacombe range from The Mill Shop is an excellent choice. It’s known for its sleek designs and contemporary aesthetics.

The standout feature of this range? Duck egg curtains. These curtains not only have eye-catching appeal but also boast practical benefits such as thermal blackout properties. Yes, these super soft blackout lined eyelet curtains do more than just look pretty; they help keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

Duck egg curtains – a perfect blend of beauty and functionality

The duck egg blue hue exudes a calming effect that's perfect for creating tranquil spaces. But don't be fooled by their delicate colour; these lined curtain pairs are sturdy too. Crafted with an eyelet ring design, the easy-to-hang style adds convenience to beauty.

These curtains offer more than just looks; they have thermal blackout features that help you save energy and maintain the ideal indoor temperature while ensuring privacy and reducing noise.

A versatile addition to your decor collection

Fusing elegance with functionality isn’t all that Woolacombe has got right though. Their versatility makes them fit seamlessly into any decor style - be it traditional or contemporary themes - without compromising on comfort or quality.

In fact, whether used as window dressing options in living rooms or as room darkening tools in bedrooms – our textured lined eyelet curtains play up any space effortlessly. They can even be paired with matching duck egg cushions to give a coordinated look.

The importance of proper curtain care

Caring for your curtains is essential to keep them looking fresh and vibrant. Your beautiful duck egg curtains and cushions deserve the best care possible.

Preserving colour quality over time

Duck egg, a serene shade that beautifully merges blue and green hues, has become increasingly popular in interior design. However, without proper care, these items can lose their colour over time.

To prevent this from happening with your duck egg curtains, always make sure to follow the washing instructions provided by The Mill Shop carefully. Incorrectly washing or drying your curtains could lead to faded colours or even damage.

But let's not forget about sunlight. Constant exposure can cause any curtain’s colour to fade – it's just like how our skin tans when we're out in the sun too long.

Fabric longevity: avoiding wear and tear

Another aspect of curtain care is ensuring they don’t wear down prematurely due to improper handling or cleaning methods. Curtains are often made from delicate fabrics which need specific maintenance techniques.

Pencil pleat curtains may need treating differently compared to eyelet lined ones. For example, pencil pleat headers should be untied before cleaning while blackout eyelet curtains might need a gentler wash cycle because of their thermal lining.

Maintaining hardware for smooth operation

We've talked about fabric; now let's consider hardware. After all, what good is a perfect pair of super soft cushions if you can't draw back those fully lined Buckingham range beauties because the eyelet ring got rusty?

To avoid such issues, make sure to dust and clean your curtain hardware regularly. Also, when laundering curtains, remember to remove any removable hardware first – this helps keep it in good shape while also protecting the fabric from possible damage.

How proper care affects energy efficiency

You might be wondering how on earth could caring for your curtains affect energy efficiency? Well dear reader, a well-maintained curtain can contribute significantly towards keeping a room warm during winter or cool in summer by preventing air leaks.

But, if not properly cared for, things can go south pretty quickly.


Looking after your duck egg curtains and cushions can keep them vibrant, extend their lifespan and even boost energy efficiency. To do this right, follow The Mill Shop's washing instructions carefully to prevent colour fading or damage. Don't forget the hardware – regular dusting helps maintain smooth operation while preventing fabric harm.

FAQs in relation to duck egg curtains and cushions

What colour curtains go with duck egg?

Duck egg pairs well with shades of cream, grey or blush pink for a subtle yet stylish contrast.

What are duck egg curtains?

Duck egg refers to the colour. Duck egg curtains are soft blue-green toned window dressings that bring a calming vibe.

Duck egg curtains and cushions have the power to transform your space. With their unique allure, they infuse any room with a touch of elegance.

The versatility of duck egg blue has been explored, revealing how it can complement various interior designs. Whether you prefer the contemporary appeal of the Woolacombe range or the classic sophistication of Buckingham, there's something for everyone at The Mill Shop.

Understanding curtain lining options was another crucial point - be it standard lining for an elegant curtain or thermal blackout curtains for energy efficiency and noise reduction.

Finally, remember that matching accessories like cushion covers and tie backs are more than just additions; they're essential in enhancing your decor theme. And always measure carefully to ensure a perfect fit!

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