10th Jul 2024

Designing A Green Living Room To Bring The Outdoors In

Designing A Green Living Room To Bring The Outdoors In

Green is one of our favourite colours at The Mill Shop. We love the natural tones that blend the indoors with the outdoors, fostering a harmonious connection with nature and a sense of tranquillity.

Renowned for its calming properties, green can remarkably alleviate stress and cultivate a serene ambience. No wonder we advocate for green as the quintessential hue for your living room, a sanctuary where you can unwind and rejuvenate.

Incorporating green into your living space can take various forms. Whether used as a subtle accent on curtains or as the dominant colour enveloping all walls, green infuses visual allure and spatial depth into your home.

What’s particularly appealing about green is its versatility when paired with other colours. Whether you lean towards a minimalist aesthetic or prefer a cosy, rustic vibe, green complements a diverse array of styles, enabling you to tailor your living room to your unique tastes and preferences.

We recommend exploring citrusy greens for those seeking an extra dose of vibrancy and zest. This refreshing shade inspires feelings of vitality and renewal, infusing your living space with a palpable sense of energy.

Regardless of the shade you choose, green symbolises growth and prosperity. By integrating it into your living room, you invite these positive connotations into your home, creating an abundance and warmth where everyone feels welcomed and at ease.

How to style green in your living room

Use natural materials such as wooden flooring and rattan furniture. Accessorise with foliage such as eucalyptus and pampas grass in vases. Opt for sustainably sourced materials such as recycled glass vases, eco-friendly candles, and handmade pottery to reduce environmental impact. Consider DIY projects using natural materials found in your environment.

If you want to impress Mother Nature in all her glory, choose house plants and ensure they thrive. Some low-maintenance options are snake plants, peace lilies, spider plants and pothos.

Whether you hang them in macrame plant hangers, put them on shelves, or use large pots as statement pieces, they’ll make impressive additions to your home.

Embrace biophilic design principles by incorporating elements like a living green wall. These features improve air quality and create a calming space.

Maximise natural light in the room by using voiles that allow sunlight to filter through. Thoughtfully arrange your furniture to capitalise on natural light and create inviting reading nooks bathed in sunlight, encouraging moments of relaxation and reflection.

Incorporate artwork that reflects nature, such as landscape paintings, botanical prints, or photography of outdoor scenes; these pieces can serve as focal points.

Include cosy elements like plush rugs, cushions, and soft throws in green and neutral tones. These additions invite you to unwind and connect with nature from the comfort of your living room.

Whether it’s green walls, curtains, or simple accessories, a green-inspired living room can promote well-being within your home. The natural tones serve as a bridge between indoor comfort and outdoor serenity.

By embracing green in your living room design, you bring the outdoors in and cultivate a space where everyone feels connected, relaxed, and at peace.

For further inspiration and assistance in realising your vision for a green-centric living space, don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of our dedicated team at 01623 445480. Together, let’s bring your eco-conscious dream home to life.

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