12th Nov 2021

What Different Pattern Voiles are There?

 What Different Pattern Voiles are There?

If you have your heart set on voiles for your home, you have excellent taste. Not only are voiles elegant in appearance, but they also have many practical qualities.

Voiles can look fantastic just as they are, or they can also be paired with heavier set curtains. In addition, many different patterns can be used as a feature on voiles, and we’re here to show you what’s available.

Charlie Sequin Voile Eyelet Panel

Charlie Sequin Voile Eyelet Panel - shop now. 

Here at the Mill Shop, we offer a fantastic range of voile curtains. Read on to discover the different pattern voiles that’ll transform your home...

What are voile curtains?

Voile curtains are sheer woven panels of fabric, that drape beautifully. They can add a pop of colour or a variety of patterns, allowing you to add your own personal style to your windows.

Voiles also obscure the view into your home but still allow the light to filter through your chosen colour. Because of the lightweight nature of the fabric, voiles are a popular style choice for not only window areas but also patio door entrances.

They can help to allow air to flow through open windows and doors while keeping the bugs out, and there is some evidence to suggest allergens entering the home are greatly reduced - good news for hayfever sufferers!

Selina Sequin Voile Slot Top Panel

Selina Sequin Voile Slot Top Panel - shop now. 

Here are a few more benefits to voiles:

  • Cruelty-free fabric.
  • Vegan friendly.
  • Sheer appearance.
  • Available in different colours.
  • Available in different patterns.
  • Durable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Perfect for all year round.

Now that we’ve covered some of the main benefits of voiles, let’s get into what patterns are available.


Voiles don’t always need additional patterns or design features to appear beautiful. First, we have plain voile curtains.

Whether you prefer vibrant coloured voiles or a more neutral tone to your home, plain voiles are a great choice for an elegant touch that’ll brighten up a dull room. They’re ideally suited for when you’re in need of a quick, airy update that can obscure the view into your home from the outside.


Woven voile, delicate in nature, is often embellished with embroidered patterns.

As you’ll know, embroidery can take shape in many different styles and patterns, and it’s the same for embroidered voiles. Voiles can feature many different embroidery patterns or symbols, so you’re guaranteed to find a style to suit you.

Here at The Mill shop, we offer a variety of voiles that feature embroidery. So whether you love delicate feather designs or a more bold and eye-catching design, we highly recommend checking out our versatile collection here. 


Floral embroidered voiles are some of our most popular. They have featured on curtains for decades, each pattern having its own unique and intricate detail.

You’ll be able to find the best floral design voiles at the Mill shop, each and every panel hand finished by our expert team here in the UK.

Geometric Patterned Voiles


Offering a more contemporary look, we have geometric patterned voiles. This design can make the overall appearance of a room more interesting, as geometric pattern possibilities are endless.

Geometric design voiles can also feature colour, bringing a mixture of the timeless and the modern together. If you prefer your interior design to be interesting and memorable, why not try voiles that feature geometric patterns for a lasting impression?

Malmo Made to Measure Voile Panel

Malmo Made To Measure Voile Panel - shop now.

Timeless designs

Voiles are a versatile curtain option, so they don’t have to just feature a bold pattern. They are also great if you prefer a classic, yet subtle design that’ll never go out of style. When opting for a classic design, you’ll never have to worry about changing your voiles to match a new look, as these designs complement a variety of styles.

Full Range of Voiles

To find out more, why not head over and check out the full range of voiles we have here at The Mill Shop. With a huge selection of colours, styles and sizes, we guarantee you'll find the perfect match for your home.

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