15th Nov 2021

How to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Personal Sanctuary

 How to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Personal Sanctuary

Our bedroom is arguably the most important room in the house. It’s the place we go to for proper rest, to relax and unwind, and most importantly - to sleep! And all of these things can feel impossible to achieve if we don’t feel comfortable.

What we all deem to be a personal sanctuary is subjective and personal to us, however, there are a few universal tips when it comes to creating a serene atmosphere - so that you can properly switch off and relax, not only your body - but your mind as well.

Read on to discover how to turn your bedroom into a personal sanctuary…

Blackout curtains

In our opinion, blackout curtains are absolutely essential when turning your bedroom into your own personal sanctuary. Why? Because not only do they look great, they also have a lot of practical qualities - which will come in handy if you’re struggling with switching off.

Blackout curtains are a thick and heavyset style of curtain, making them visually stunning. They just look effortlessly expensive and elegant - and they come in a range of beautiful designs, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect pair to match your decor. They also have noise-canceling qualities, giving you the peace and quiet you need to get a good night’s kip.

Emily Velour Interlined and Blackout Curtains

According to the Feng Shui way of doing things, making sure that a bedroom is at a comfortable temperature at all times is an essential part of creating your very own personal sanctuary.

Blackout curtains will also help to keep the temperature of your bedroom nice and stable, no matter the season or weather condition. They’ll help to keep you cooler in the summertime, and toasty in the winter months.

Decorate your bedroom with calming colours

Of course, this is entirely subjective. If your favourite colour is red, and you find it calming to have around - by all means, paint your bedroom red! However, generally speaking, colours that are softer on the eyes - such as light blues, earthy greens, and neutral tones are best for creating a peaceful environment.

Harper Metallic Eyelet Curtains

There’s been a ton of research into how colours and how they can directly affect our moods - with some compelling evidence out there that suggests the colours mentioned above are the best for enhancing feelings of relaxation, peace, and calmness - all the emotions you’d hope to be present in a personal sanctuary.

Prioritise creating a comfortable setting

Create a comfortable setting, whatever that means to you. For some, it might mean filling the walls with colourful and/or interesting artwork. For others, it might mean keeping it simple. Here are a few tips to help you create the perfect bedroom setting:

  • Get some candles for your bedroom that smell incredible. For bedrooms, we would recommend calming scented candles, such as camomile or soft cotton.
  • Pay attention to lighting. It’s definitely worth having lamps that offer different brightness settings, especially in a bedroom. That way, you can have softer lighting (great for creating a cosy ambience) whilst also having access to bright lighting when you need it.
  • Soft textiles, for decorative and comfort purposes. We’ll get into this in more detail a little later, but for example - the addition of extra cushions on your bed looks great, and it’ll also feel great. Being surrounded by softness will feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. 
  • Add houseplants to your bedroom decor. Not only will they naturally purify the air in your room, but they will also look beautiful. You can never go wrong with adding a touch of nature here or there.
  • Organise your space. For most people, clutter can make it very difficult to relax. We just aren’t wired that way - we don’t like mess! Take the time to organise a place for your things, and keep it that way.

Ditch the technology

We know this is a difficult one. We’re all so connected to our phones these days. But if you want to be able to fully relax and switch off completely, you need to keep start keeping the technology out of the bedroom. Yes, even your television.

We’re all guilty of getting into bed at a reasonable time, only to find ourselves scrolling on our phones for hours on end. So whether you find yourself replying to work emails, reading the latest news on Twitter, or even watching funny videos of cats - it can wait until tomorrow. Your rest is more important, and it’s essential for creating your very own little personal sanctuary.

At first, this might feel a little boring. It can feel as though you have nothing to do! However, there are plenty of ways you can keep yourself entertained without using technology. Why not try a new book? And no, not on your Kindle!

Go plush or go home

When we think of a bedroom sanctuary, we think of a cosy, relaxing, and comfortable environment. And what better way to achieve that than with super soft textiles?

Don’t be afraid of adding super soft textiles anywhere you can that you will use. Super soft rugs? Perfect, and a bedroom sanctuary is not complete without lots of blankets and cushions. These little touches will go a long way, creating the perfect setting for your new serene environment.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed discovering how you can turn your bedroom into your very own personal sanctuary. Little changes and attention to detail can go a long way when creating a space you love. If you’d like some inspiration, be sure to head over to our website for the best soft furnishings at incredible prices.

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