9th Dec 2022

Cosy Home Ideas This Winter

Cosy Home Ideas This Winter

As the colder winter months creep closer, having a cosy home is a must. In this article we’ll tell you some of the best ways to elevate your home style to create a snug atmosphere this winter.

Use of Colour

The palette you choose to use when decorating your home is very important to the overall vibe the rooms will have when finished.

Deep colours like maroon, brown and forest green will make your home feel warmer, and have a cosier feel overall. Try focusing on darker colours, especially if the space you are decorating is bigger. Brighter shades will open up the room, whereas darker ones will bring it together and make the room feel more snug.

Darker, richer colours can also make the room feel more stylish. If you’re thinking of going to a shop in person to buy your decorations and furniture, going during the autumn months would make it easier to find these types of colours, as this is when they are more widely popular.

Pick Furniture That Reflects Your Style

Wooden furniture is often associated with cosiness and comfort, especially darker materials. Simplicity is key when choosing your furniture - let the other elements of your home take centre stage.

Deep set sofas are a great addition to your living room, allowing more space to curl up with a warm drink! Pay attention to the material your sofas are made from; leather can feel quite cool, whereas fabric upholstered sofas feel warmer and can be comfier to sit in.

The more obvious way to make your home feel more cosy is blankets and cushions - and lots of them. Fluffy materials have an instant feel of comfort, making your home warmer and cosier during the colder seasons.

For the ultimate in cosiness, choose a variety of blankets and cushions made of chunky knit, faux fur, and felted textiles. Wool and silk can also be added for a stunningly decadent and opulent result.

Light and Heat

A decent lamp, or several, are the epitome of cosy lighting. Table lamps provide the ideal lighting for unwinding with a good book after a long day, yet they are not necessarily as practical as an ordinary overhead light bulb.

Buying many table lamps for larger areas is frequently a smart move to maintain the aforementioned cosy lighting throughout. For an even cosier atmosphere, choose warmer bulbs instead of ones with colder tones. No matter what kind of lighting arrangement you have, a properly mounted dimmer switch will give you access to a variety of lighting alternatives for any situation.

A dimmer switch will guarantee that you always have both the bright, jolting light you need in the morning and the warm, comforting glow you like as you get ready for bed.

Over hard ground, a rug can add warmth and texture to your living area while also improving its aesthetic appeal. Hardwood floors are cold in the winter, so adding rugs throughout your home will keep your floors warm, and therefore contributing to the overall temperature of your home.

Another great way to increase the cosiness and warmth in your home are blow heaters. There are a lot of great options on the market for these, with lots made to look like real wood fires, to project an added ambience into your room.

With the current declining temperatures, keeping warm is a necessity. If you don’t fancy turning on the heating just yet, layering up with blankets is a good way to keep the heat in. It also helps save your money on heating! Using thermal curtains can also hugely combat those rising fuel bills. By keeping the heat in and circulating in a room, they are a brilliant way to curb unexpected costs through losing valuable warmth.

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