15th Nov 2021

Which Decades Had the Worst and Best Interior Design Trends?

Which Decades Had the Worst and Best Interior Design Trends?

It’s no secret that all decades are responsible for beautiful interior design themes - and equally, a few shockers. It’s interesting to look back and see what was all the rage, and how some timeless themes have adapted and remained popular in 2021.

Living Room Interior Design Ideas

We’re here to show you some truly beautiful interior design trends that are still popular today, along with some questionable designs from different decades.  Read on to discover which decades had the worst and best interior design trends...

The worst interior design trends

Crushed velvet overload

Crushed velvet became trendy in the late ’60s, however, in 2016 this trend reemerged. Although, that’s putting it lightly. It took over.

So much so, that it was featured on every piece of furniture and soft furnishing going. Sofas, bed frames, cushions, curtains, rugs - absolutely everything.

Interior design platforms became flooded with crushed velvet, and to be quite honest - it was a hot mess. Complete overload. A shame for such an exquisite fabric!

Now, we’re not saying that a feature of crushed velvet here or there can’t be a stylish and elegant addition, however, there’s a line. A pro tip - do not overdo crushed velvet. It’s a beautiful fabric, and it doesn’t require excessive overload. Less is more.

So, if you loved the crushed velvet theme from the 2010s and you want to feature this style in your home, go for it! Just don’t make it the main fabric for every soft furnishing or furniture piece.

Mix it up a little to restore a stylish balance! For example, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful set of crushed velvet curtains with matching sofa cushions.

Clinical block colours

Don’t get us wrong, we love a fresh and clean environment. However, towards the late 2010s, people became obsessed with all grey and white interior design. To the point where it became comparable to a hospital setting. Ultra clinical.

In our opinion, this trend lacked personality. Every home looked the same, and it withdrew any personality or vibrancy that makes every home unique.

When there is only one colour in the design palette of a room, it becomes boring. Lifeless. There’s no depth or dimension, and the overall look of the room becomes cold - especially when it’s all grey and/or white.

On a more positive note, we do understand that the use of grey and white tones does allow for versatility. And there’s nothing wrong with having a predominant colour in your home design, however, these tones can match with any decor or colour additions you want. Use that to your advantage!

Grey and White Living Room Interior Design Ideas

If you’re not ready to wave goodbye to your all-grey and white interiors just yet (we know some of you still rock this trend), consider sprucing up your home with little pops of colour here or there. Maybe some textiles? Patterns? Anything? Please. We promise it’ll feel much more cosy!

Padded walls

The 1980’s. Where do we even begin? This decade was responsible for some of the most questionable interior design trends (don’t even get us started on fluffy toilet seat covers). But the trend we never want to see again has to be padded walls.

We as a society have so much to thank the 80’s for. The golden age of rock and roll, iconic movies, mullets, and fashion trends, that are still present today. However, padded walls? They should never see the light of day again.

We’re not saying that padded features can’t be very stylish, because they can. Padded ottomans? Yes. padded pouffe stools? Lovely. Padded bed frames and headboards? Absolutely. But walls? It’s a firm no.

There are so many beautifully designed patterns and colours you could use to brighten your walls. As far as we’re concerned, this trend should’ve stayed in the ’80s.

Green Padded Walls

The best interior design trends

Pastel shades

We have no one else to thank other than the 1950s for embracing pastel shades in the home.

Pastel colour schemes took the interior design industry by storm during that decade and have continued ever since. It’s not uncommon for an ultra-trendy home to rock a pastel colour scheme, and the great thing is that it’s completely transferable to any style.

Pastel Colour Scheme Interior Design

So whether your style is minimalist, eclectic, cottagecore, or even Regency - a knockout pastel colour scheme or feature will always look stunning. And there are so many pastel shades to choose from!

We struggle to choose a favourite. We love pastel mint shades, pale yellows, cotton candy pinks, sage, turquoise. It’s a palette you really can’t go wrong with in relation to interior design.

If you love what pastel shades can offer, you’re in luck! We have an extensive range of curtains and soft furnishings featuring these shades.


Interior design that featured damask was all the rage in the 18th century - and it still is today. A traditional pattern by nature can now offer homes a classical and timeless edge, even to the most modern of homes.

There’s something so effortlessly beautiful and captivating when you incorporate damask patterns into home decor. It’s versatile and eye-catching, perfect for finishing touches or adding an interesting visual point to a room.

Pippa Lined Eyelet Curtains

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Damask patterns offer a classical touch of elegance and can be featured in a variety of ways. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful and rich set of damask-style curtains or plush cushions.

Denton Damask Cushions

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Plaid patterns

A superb interior design style that we can thank the ‘70s for. Maybe a little credit to the ’90s, too. I mean, have you ever seen Clueless?

Plaid patterns (also known as checkered) were extremely popular in this decade, featuring on clothing as well as within interior design themes. It’s a completely timeless decor choice, adding a welcoming and snug feel to any home.

Plaid patterns are a classic. They mix perfectly with other bold patterns, making them the perfect choice for eclectic-style homes. There’s something so wonderful about incorporating this theme into an interior - because it offers a homely warmth to any room.

Including this timeless pattern in your home decor can take shape in any way you want. And in any colour. Although we must say, plaid patterns look particularly stunning in rich reds and blues, and even neutral tones.

It’s not unusual to see plaid-themed soft furnishings, including curtains, cushions, bedding, and blankets within a home, offering a cosy feel to any room. You’ll even see it used for furniture fabrics!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed discovering some of the best and worst design trends from different decades, and remember - if you love the trends that we have deemed a little questionable - go for it. There’s no judgment here!

If you’re wanting to revamp your home, we offer an extensive variety of beautiful soft furnishings at superb prices, so be sure to check out the rest of our website for inspiration.