12th Nov 2021

What Your Home Style Says About You

What Your Home Style Says About You

Have you ever wondered what your home style says about you? If so, you aren’t alone!

If you’ve taken the time and effort to decorate your home with all of those little details that suit your personal taste, it’ll offer up clues as to who you are.

Interior Design and Mental Health

Which actually makes complete sense. If you think about your friends and/or family, and how their homes differentiate in style - you can kind of see how it ties together with their own personality, right?

And the same goes for you. Whether you like it or not, your home style will reflect aspects of your personality and who you are.

Read on to discover what your home style says about you…


If you have a minimalist vibe in your home - you don’t need anyone or anything to get by. Well, maybe the odd houseplant here or there.

You’ve really embodied the mantra of less is more, and more is less. Think clear workspaces and countertops, minimal decorations, clean, and efficient home styles. You may prefer block colours and neutral tones as a design choice, to keep the vibe simplistic and modern.

You’re probably a super independent person and most likely have a long history of disliking cluttered spaces. You can’t understand why anyone would want that. You feel at peace with less around you. Potentially an introvert, you have a deep love for the simple pleasures in life.

You’re ultra-efficient, owning only what you really need rather than pointless collections of items. You most likely care about the environment, the impact you make, and your own carbon footprint.

You’re also most likely extremely organised. You have to be when you’re rocking the minimalist lifestyle. You have everything you need, and that’s more than enough.

Minimalist Workspace Interior Design


A Scandi styled home is kind of similar to the minimalist style - but with a little more zhuzh.

Similar to the minimalist folks, people who opt for a Scandi vibe love simplicity - and hate clutter. If this is your interior decor style, you most likely also appreciate functionality and practicality over anything else.

Scandinavian Styled Home

The differentiator between the two styles is the approach to decor. Scandinavian-styled homes love to incorporate the use of interesting soft furnishings to add a personal touch, along with lots and lots of candles and artwork.

One of the most identifiable parts of a Scandi home is the use of natural elements to bring a room together. So if this is you, we assume that along with natural light, you’ll have a copious amount of interesting houseplants on display, along with other natural materials. For example, wooden furniture.

If this is your home style, you’re probably super friendly and approachable. You appreciate small gestures and you’re truly kind to others. Self-care is a non-negotiable for you.

You also may be well-traveled (or plan to be someday) and love drinking tea at any given chance. You’ve 100% read every book on all things Hygge. Oh, and you most likely have a cat.

You have a deep love for all things nature, and you love to cook incredible meals from scratch. We’d actually go as far as to say you’ve most likely adopted veganism, as you have a love for all animals. What we’re trying to say is that you’re probably a lovely person!

Green Corner With Indoor Plants


If you’re wondering what Regencycore is, you can get the lowdown on it here.

If you’ve embraced the Regencycore look in your home, you 100% have posh vibes. You love to use interesting mixtures of rich colours to complement your home. Think plush golds, deep blues, and royal purples. And you’re definitely not afraid to throw in a pattern or two. After all, you can never go wrong with a little Damask here or there.

You adore the finer things in life and have an appreciation for antiques or items that have a vintage appearance. Think heavy set curtains, extravagant statement pieces, and collections of art throughout.

The little details are most likely of utmost importance for you. We wouldn’t be surprised if your curtains featured tassel tiebacks and also carefully placed furniture to achieve that Regency vibe of harmonious symmetry.

If you’re into Regencycore, there’s no doubt that you’re elegant and sophisticated. It’s safe to assume that your home is your sanctuary, and you take pride in it. And so you should! It’s not easy to achieve. A Regency-style home is actually one of the most sought-after design styles this year.

You’re one of those people who always look ready to take on the world, whilst everyone else wonders how you’re so well put together. We commend you.


If an abstract painting was a person, it would be you.

A true eclectic home style has a way of harmonising patterns and stylistic choices that just shouldn’t go together. It should look ever so slightly chaotic, but it just works. It’s actually almost arrogant - but tastefully arrogant. And we love it!

It’s safe to say that if you have opted for an eclectic home style, you aren’t afraid to use colours and brash patterns to brighten your home.

You’ve most likely added a pop of just about every colour on the spectrum. A vintage lamp to go with that random ornament of a pink umbrella? Fab! Clashy and in your face patterned curtains and rugs? Even better.

Eclectic Home Style

If you’re rocking the eclectic style in your home, you’re most certainly a risk-taker. You aren’t afraid to break the rules and steer off from generic norms. You embody your individuality and you’re definitely not afraid to think outside the box.

You’re probably super confident, a go-getter who loves to keep their life interesting. You’re probably the kind of person that would randomly hop on a plane to somewhere halfway around the world just because you feel like it.

What we’re saying is that you’re a true extrovert who’s passionate about living life to the fullest. Never change!


Lastly, we have the Cottagecore lovers. This is by far one of the most popular home styles at the moment and for good reason.

Similar to the way Regencycore is loosely inspired by the Georgian era, Cottagecore is inspired by the British countryside and the way of living associated with it. It’s almost an idyllic version of British rural life.

Cottagecore is one of those home styles that’s based on interpretation, so it’s not uncommon to see a variety of different styles that still fit the broader term of “Cottagecore”. However, there are definitely some consistent elements to look out for.

Afternoon Tea

Cottagecore homes will probably have what’s known as “organised clutter”. What we mean is that there’s most likely a lot going on, but in an organised way.

There’s a balance to be achieved between vintage and modern. Expect lots of wooden furniture, big open fireplaces, vintage paintings, statement chairs, pastel colours, warm tones - and lots of books. The dining table is probably always set as if there’s a dinner party on the schedule.

The garden is probably pristine and very well-kept and overall - it’s just a really cosy vibe to have in a home. It’s one of those home styles that make you feel super comfortable straight away.

If you have a Cottagecore home style, you probably love collecting trinkets, or other small ornaments. Think teapots, china tea sets, or vintage jewelry pieces.

You’re definitely a very kind and fun-loving person. You love being out and about, but home is where the heart is for you. Your fashion choices tend to be flowy and bright, with lots of pastel colours.

You’re probably amazing at cooking, with your specialty being proper British hearty meals. You love making dishes from scratch and you love being the host of dinner parties. You’re a welcoming and warm person, who embraces people with open arms.

Cottagecore Home Style

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