16th May 2022

Top Predictions for the Biggest Interior Design Trends in 2022

Top Predictions for the Biggest Interior Design Trends in 2022

Whether you are sprucing your home up for summer, or just focusing on one particular room, we wanted to provide you with the latest interior trends we’ve been seeing across the industry. We have some that might just inspire you to transform your whole home and give it a new lease of life.

Do you want to be ahead of the latest interior trends? Whilst we don’t know for certain what the rest of 2022 will look like, we do have an idea what it could look like in terms of the biggest interior design trends.

With 2022 being the Year of the Tiger, we expect interior design to be bolder and brighter than ever. To keep you up to date with the latest interior trends, we have outlined below some of the most popular trends that we predict will define interior design in 2022.

Big & Bold

We are starting to see less minimal and more big and bold pieces, bursting with bright colours and patterns. Whether that’s using bold statement pieces of homeware, or using that pop of colour for a feature wall, it’s all on trend this year. We believe that the world is taking a turn away from neutrals and people will start using vibrant colours and bold patterns to dress their home.

The term ‘maximalist’ has been brought to life, Tiktoker’s are now going for the colourful, cluttered, eccentric decor, as opposed to the luxury minimalist, beige decor. However, we believe that both decor trends will flourish throughout 2022.

Traditional Touches

Many people have fallen in love with the minimal modern design, but traditional decor is making its way back. People are now gravitating towards pieces that have richness and history behind them. But no, this doesn’t mean you need to have a complete redesign, mixing and matching old and new helps keep your home feeling timeless - and we’re all after a timeless design, right? Check out your local charity shops or car boots for that hidden gem which can make a real statement.

Slatted Designs

We saw this trend slowly appear at the back end of 2021, and there is every sign that it will be just as popular in 2022. Horizontal, vertical, pale or dark wooden slats are the perfect way to add that unique touch to any space in your home. Cover your slats with a beautiful patterned voile to really take them to the next level!

Nature Inspired

With everyone recently spending more time indoors than ever before, people are trying to strengthen their connection with nature and this will continue to happen with the sale of house plants higher than ever! This nature-inspired look can be integrated not just by house plants but by bringing nature themed pieces and prints into your homeware, the colours on your walls, your carpet choice, or even through your wallpaper.


Cottagecore is one of the biggest interior trends of the year, and we don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon. Essentially, it is an aesthetic trend that glamorises rural living. The 2022 trend became so popular because it became more important to people that their home was somewhere they felt comfortable, so people started looking to create a functional and homely atmosphere.

Think shabby chic, rustic chic and modern chic, all in one! The important elements that go into creating this look are florals, checkered patterns and vintage soft furnishings.

Cottagecore ties everything we already mentioned together, the rustic feel with bright colours, bringing nature inside and making your home your own little sanctuary.

If you are unsure what to do with your home next, get in touch with our team of experts that can provide you with the best advice.