15th Nov 2021

Home Furnishing Essentials Inspired by Mrs. Hinch

Home Furnishing Essentials Inspired by Mrs. Hinch

It’s safe to say that the majority of people have heard of Mrs. Hinch. She’s an icon for cleaning and all things interior decor.

Her home is impeccably decorated, and above all else, impeccably clean. We don’t blame you for wanting a touch of Mrs. Hinch’s inspiration for your own home! And it’s not as hard to achieve as you may think.

We’re going to let you in on some home furnishing essentials inspired by the clean queen herself. Read on to discover the home furnishing essentials inspired by Mrs. Hinch…

Mrs. Hinch Inspired Home Furnishing Essentials

Who is Mrs. Hinch?

If on the off chance you haven’t heard of the one and only Mrs. Hinch, we’ll get you up to speed.

Her real name is Sophie Hinchliffe from Essex, England. Sophie joined Instagram back in 2018 and began to share her passion for interior design, home organisation, and deep cleaning.

If you take a quick trip over to her social media platforms, you’ll be met with cooking advice, creative cleaning hacks, interior design tips, product reviews, family life - and adorable dog content.

So, why does Sophie resonate with so many (4.1 million, to be exact!) people? It’s because she’s simply just a normal, down to earth woman living her life. She’s very relatable, sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly. What we’re trying to say is, she’s likeable. And her creative hacks are super useful!

Home furnishings inspired by Mrs. Hinch

This lifestyle influencer knows a thing or two when it comes to interior design - and we’re going to let you in on several decor additions you can incorporate into your home so that you can become a part of the “Hinch Army”.

Mrs. Hinch Inspired Home Furnishings

Metallic curtains

Metallic curtains are another staple used throughout Mrs. Hinch’s home. And it’s not difficult to see why.

Metallic curtains give an elegant touch of glam - a little zhuzh to a room. They’re fantastically striking, but not in an overly flashy way. That subtle yet eye catching balance that metallic curtains create makes a room feel a little more luxurious, whilst also creating dimension.

Metallic curtains are the perfect addition for adding a touch of brightness, as they’ll reflect any light that catches them. There’s nothing quite like that beautiful glisten and shimmer they create. It’s no wonder Mrs. Hinch loves them!

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Margo Metallic Velvet Cushions

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Neutral tones

In Mrs. Hinch’s home, neutral tones are displayed throughout. So for a style inspired by Sophie - start incorporating these shades within your home.

Mrs. Hinch most likely went with neutrals because they tend to match with most decor choices. Think of neutral tones as the new white - a stylish blank canvas, so that you can dress your home up in any way you choose, free from any unsightly clashes.

People used to consider neutral tones to be boring. But not anymore! And the great thing about neutral tones? There are so many. You can take your colour palette in any direction you want.

In Mrs. Hinch’s case, she’s selected greys - and hasn’t completely abandoned white. There’s definitely a lot of white additions that are harmonised with beige, taupe, and sage in her home.

A Mrs. Hinch home furnishing essential style tip - a lovely, ultra-soft, chunky grey throw for every room. Thank us later!

Stripe cushions

Stripe cushions are also incorporated into most rooms in the Hinchliffe household.

Stripe cushions are trendy, cosy, and will add a little warmth and dimension to your textile collection. Mrs. Hinch likes to have a lot of cushions in her home because it really does create a cosy and homely vibe - which is Mrs. Hinch in a nutshell! So pile them up high to create the inspired look.

Stripe cushions offer an interesting focal point to a neutral tone design. However, her collection tends to stay on point with her neutral interior palette. There are a few that stand out for a pop of colour - so don’t be afraid to stray away slightly. Mix and match it up!

Stripe cushions are again, a universally stylish soft furnishing. And we have plenty! 


As well as her stripe cushion collection, Mrs. Hinch also has a few damask-style cushions dotted around. In fact, her own collection was loosely inspired by a damask print.

Damask gives a timeless flare to a modern home, perfect for creating a balance between homely and stylish. And if you’d like your home furnishings to be inspired by Mrs. Hinch - don’t be afraid of adding damask patterns here or there for a touch of elegance.

Whether it’s bedding, cushions, curtains - that’s personal to you how you choose to style it. However, on the topic of Mrs. Hinch’s inspiration, we would recommend ensuring that your damask furnishing of choice is in a neutral tone!

Pippa Lined Eyelet Curtains

Pippa Lined Eyelet Curtains - shop now. 

Organisers and storage

Of course. You knew this one was coming! You can’t have a Mrs. Hinch inspired home without organisation. Clutter is not in her vocabulary! Even if she does have a newborn and a toddler running around. How does she do it? We’ll never know.

Okay, we’re not saying you have to be so unbelievably organised to the point where it’s over the top. Home shouldn’t feel like a show house. However, there are a few tips and tricks you can get your hands on to create the inspired look:

  • Mrs. Hinch loves a wicker basket or two. Or fifty. Anyone who has her on Instagram will be able to see that. And the great thing is, they can perfectly tie in with any decor, in any room. Start using them as storage points to keep on top of the clutter!
  • Coffee table decorative trays. A small yet useful addition. Mrs. Hinch uses hers to store her candle melts, coasters, and remotes.
  • Large chests or drawers. She has one in every room, large enough to designate household items needed for that particular room.
  • Designated food storage boxes, which she uses in her fridge and pantry. This keeps everything fresh, easier to locate, and they’re reusable. Oh, and it’s super visually pleasing.

Mrs. Hinch Inspired Organisers and Storage

We hope that you’ve enjoyed discovering the home furnishing essentials inspired by Mrs. Hinch. Of course, it’s always a good idea to put a personal touch! If you need help with this, be sure to check out our website for the best soft furnishings and accessories at fantastic prices.

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