15th Nov 2021

Get The Love Island Vibe in Your Home This Summer

Get The Love Island Vibe in Your Home This Summer

Summer is officially here. And yes, we know - it probably feels like an eternity has passed since you’ve experienced a relatively normal summer.

We’re sure you can’t wait to get stuck into BBQs, holidays (or staycations), nights out, garden parties, beach days, and all the other fun things that come with what’s arguably the best season of the year.But after a fun summer’s day, there’s nothing more relaxing than curling up on the sofa with something great to watch. And we all know what summer means for British TV - the long-awaited return of Love Island.

We don’t know about you, but we’re so excited to see what this year’s Love Island has in store! So without further ado, we’re officially pulling you for a chat. Read on to find out how you can get the Love Island vibe in your home this summer…

What is Love Island?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know what Love Island is all about. It’s quite literally unavoidable. After all, how can we resist? Everyone loves a little reality TV drama as a guilty pleasure. The kick-offs, the candid moments, the challenges, and the just plain cringe - we’re here for it all.

From putting all your eggs in one basket to watching islanders laying it on factor 50 - there’s bound to be those cringe-worthy and memorable moments that have stuck in your head and made you a loyal viewer. And aside from all of that, it’s just feel-good TV.

Swimming Pool Beach Wallpaper

What’s the Love Island vibe this year?

This year, the main Love Island colour scheme is all about achieving that luxurious feel, whilst embracing those cool and bright tones. Think whites, yellows, blues, greens, and a few finishing touches of deeper tones such as purple. In other words, super tropical and vibrant.

That’s not really surprising, as the show is filmed in Majorca (lucky for some) so the Mediterranean vibe is essential. However, the placement of these colours is quite interesting, and it’s the key to how they create that feel-good vibe.

The psychology behind the Love Island colour scheme

If you want to know how you can get the Love Island vibe in your home this summer, we must take a closer look at the chosen colour scheme this year.

You might be surprised by just how thought out the colour palette is. Think about it - it must take a lot of preparation to get complete strangers feeling as comfortable as possible, especially as they know that they’re being watched 24/7. The use of colours and shades plays a huge part in this.

So with that in mind, we thought it would only be fitting to show you how to bring the ultra-trendy island look to your home! Of course, we have so much more to offer, but we couldn’t possibly fit it all in. So be sure to check out our full selection on our website. 


According to Feng Shui (if you don’t know, get to know), white is actually a super powerful colour to use throughout a home. So it’s by no means coincidental that Love Island has used white tones.

The use of white within a home environment oozes luxury and signifies harmony, safety, freshness, and cleanliness. This is probably to make the islanders feel a little more comfortable and “at home”. It’s no wonder that white shades have been incorporated in every inch of the villa.


The use of blue is actually quite interesting - because it’s really smart, and a little sneaky of the people working behind the scenes. Hats off to the producers, they’ve really thought about those little details.

It’s interesting, mainly because of the shade of blue they’ve gone for. It’s all light blues, such as duck egg. This is because if they were to use darker blues it could actually prompt feelings of sadness, loneliness, and insecurity - and no one wants unhappy Love Islanders on their telly.

The use of lighter shades of blue can create a relaxing and peaceful environment in a home. There’s actual research on it. And not only that, it’s known to boost productivity, lower pulse rates (hence feeling more relaxed), and produce feelings of pure bliss. Almost as if you’re in someplace heavenly. Crazy, right?

Another great reason to use lighter blues in your home - it can actually lower your body temperature. This is great if you’re looking for a new colour scheme this summer, as we’re in for a scorcher.

Of course, you can understand why it also makes a lot of sense for Love Island, with the villa being situated in sunny Majorca. We told you, these producers don’t miss a beat!

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Next up is green. Another very interesting choice. They’ve actually used both lighter and darker shades of green, and let us explain why.

The lighter shades of green are for several reasons, the first being no other than it’s super trendy right now. And second of all, because it evokes feelings of tranquility, security, luxury, and joyfulness.

Love Island Colour Scheme

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The use of the darker tones of green is a little more cheeky. It’s linked to feelings of envy, so that might be a subtle way of stirring the pot in the villa for our entertainment! And in relation to using these shades in your home, it’ll probably make visitors a little jealous of just how lovely your home looks. Win-win!

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Yellow is the brightest and lightest hue in the colour spectrum, and it’s obviously a great summer colour to have in your home. But there are also many great reasons behind why Love Island have used yellow to create their fab vibe.

The colour yellow signifies optimism, happiness, confidence, enthusiasm, and fun. Love Island has this colour literally everywhere this year because they want the islanders to be in a good mood.

Naples Deep Yellow Ochre

If the Love Islanders are in a good mood, they’re probably going to be more confident. If they’re confident - it’ll make them feel like taking more chances and it’ll make for better TV. See where we’re going with this?

Yellow is also linked with positively impacting the mind and intellect. Which actually makes a lot of sense from the producer’s perspective. The islanders are locked in the villa with no communication with the outside world.

Sure, they know they’re on TV - but it must get a little boring now and then. Boosting mental activity and energy levels in any way they can is key to creating the iconic Love Island vibe. And the same can be applied to you and your home.

But using yellow shades throughout your home is not only a great choice for creating the Love Island vibe in your home - but chances are it might also just make you a happier person. Well, according to psychology anyway. And who doesn’t want to be in a better mood more often?


Last but not least, we have purple. And the placement of this one speaks volumes. Purple is mostly in the hideaway.

This is where the magic happens for Love Islanders. Or as the islanders say, this is where the DBS meetings take place. Coincidence? We think not.

Of course, purple is accompanied by reds and pinks in the iconic Love Island hideaway, and in Casa Amor. That’s because these shades all have one major thing in common - they represent intimacy and passion.

That’s why you’ll probably find purple to be a popular choice for bedrooms - and it’s pretty self-explanatory why. So if you’re inspired by the Love Island hideaway vibe, and want to subtly reignite a little passion back into your love life - get yourself some purple soft furnishings and thank us later.

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And there you have it. I bet you never thought that colour could impact you that much, but it can! So if you want the feel-good vibe that Love Island is so good at creating - be sure to check out our fantastic range at fantastic prices.

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