6th Nov 2023

Deck Your Home With Christmas Curtains

Deck Your Home With Christmas Curtains

At The Mill Shop, we wholeheartedly embrace the festive season. There is something so wholesome and heartwarming about the whole run-up to Christmas. From 1 st December we have an excited spring in our step and a child-like anticipation of the festivities that we know are just around the corner.

From gathering with dearly-loved friends and family, listening to Christmas carols, filling your house with delicious aromas from baking gingerbread houses and of course our favourite - decking the halls with boughs of holly… or our festive curtain range.

When we think about Christmas decor, we think of a symphony of reds, greens and golds. Luckily at The Mill Shop, we’re proud to stock all of these colours in our curtains and cushions collections.

While we revel in decorating our homes to the max at Christmas, we also love the subtle touches of festive cheer in the months preceding the holiday season. We feel that this can be encapsulated through artful decor like curtains, cushions and throws.

Ever wondered about how a pair of Christmas curtains can turn your home into an enchanting winter wonderland? It's Christmas Eve - the scent of mulled wine wafts through the house as snowflakes gently kiss the windowpane. You're cosied up on the sofa, warmed by both the crackling fire and the anticipation for Santa's arrival. The tree is glistening in one corner while, across the room, stunning and soft curtains frame frosty windows. They whisper stories of joyous carols, hearty laughs and unforgettable moments shared under mistletoe.

Here, we’re showcasing some of our favourite curtains along with valuable tips on how to style them for a truly authentic festive affair.

Creating a kitchen wonderland

Curtains aren't merely window coverings; they're key elements that tie together all aspects of room decor, especially during festivities like Christmas when every detail counts. They give life to windows while creating an inviting atmosphere.

A well-chosen set of curtains is capable enough to dictate the mood within a room. Having stunning colours hanging from your windows can turn even gloomy days bright and cheerful.

The stunning Brick Red Voile Tied Blinds are perfect for creating a kitchen window display that gives off an air of Christmas ambience. Imagine these above a snowman-shaped biscuit tin, a spiced apple-scented candle and your cherished Santa ornament. It’s a traditional scene that brings a feeling of cosiness into your home.

Style with our Chelsea Checked Kitchen Tablecloth (pictured above). It’s akin to a scene plucked straight out of your favourite Hallmark Christmas movie. Cue the hot chocolate-making, mistletoe-kissing and cookie-crunching.

You can also incorporate tea towels adorned with Christmas characters, festive mugs, holiday themed aprons and decorative serving platters - these small items can make a big difference.

If the sight of our exquisite checked tablecloth has transported you into a plaid-inspired daydream, and you can't shake the notion of enhancing your living room window with something equally captivating, don't worry, we've got you covered. Introducing our stunning Warrington Faux Wool Lined Blackout Eyelet Curtains (featured below).

The material exudes opulence, it is so luxurious and gives a really cosy feel to a room. We love these curtains with cream sofas, red cushions, oversized plush rugs and a selection of snuggly Christmas throws. Ideal for wrapping up warm in front of an open fire, listening to your favourite Christmas carols, sipping mulled wine... just mind the sofa!

While exploring the plethora of curtain options available at The Mill Shop, it's crucial to consider how each style will complement your existing decor. For instance, pencil pleat curtains might lend an air of casual elegance to rustic interiors while luxurious velvet curtains could be perfect for adding a touch of glamour.

Embrace the warmth with detailed door curtains

“The weather outside is frightful but the fire is so delightful…” We must admit we’re fond of a good Christmas carol here at The Mill Shop. So, keep that precious warmth in with a beautifully detailed door curtain.

Door curtains are the perfect way of stopping heat from escaping your room. The stunning Elanie Metallic Door Curtain is an ideal way of infusing some festive merriment into your home.

Red and gold is a match made in heaven. Not only does it scream Christmas, it’s a regal pairing that evokes feelings of richness, warmth and invitation. They go perfectly with gold accessories, richly-hued furniture and fresh walls. This curtain has been designed to effortlessly suit both modern and traditional-style rooms.

The magic of gold curtains

Continuing with the golden ambience we've begun to create in your home, if you'd like a more subtle touch of the holiday spirit that can endure throughout the seasons of 2024, explore our collection of gold curtains. Our top pick is:

Our Buckingham Gold Pencil Pleat Curtains will see you giving your neighbours a regal wave in the mornings. With a significant nod towards our favourite show Bridgerton and a curtsy to those of us who love a little bit of luxury in our homes, these gold curtains wouldn’t be out of place in a stately manor.

Especially with the addition of the Buckingham metallic pelmet which perfectly ties this look together. Can you picture these curtains being the backdrop behind your 6-foot fir tree adorned with traditional decorations each with their own cherished story from a time gone by?

We have a range of stunning gold cushions, including the matching Buckingham metallic filled cushions in gold. If you’ve got a Chesterfield chair, these are a must-have to create a show-stopping interior design moment that will see all of your guests ‘gold’ with envy.

Sun can be scarce in the winter months so we want to invite as much of it into our homes as possible. Our Selina sequin voiles are the perfect way of doing this.

A touch of sparkle is perfect for the Christmas season but can easily look stunning all year round. Also, imagine looking at twinkling Christmas lights through these on a cold December evening. Magical.

Green and white: the colours of Christmas

What other colours spring to mind when you think about Christmas? For us, it’s undoubtedly the deep greens of Christmas trees and the bright white of freshly-fallen snow. At The Mill Shop, we stock both green and white curtains, so let's explore how you can create a Christmas window display to be proud of.

If you’ve opted for green as your base colour, our Green Woven Blackout Eyelet Curtains are a simple, cost-effective and fantastic option. Use plenty of gold tinsel as tiebacks, especially if your curtains are dress curtains that don’t require frequent opening and closing each day.

Twine battery-operated fairy lights around your curtain pole - again consider if you need to be able to easily open and close your curtains. Use Christmas window stickers to spread festive cheer within your home and to passersby.

This look can also be achieved with our White Canterbury Chenille Lined Blackout Eyelet Curtains which will create a fresh and modern look to any room year-round. If opting for a white backdrop for your festive window display, we recommend incorporating red tinsel or ribbon and coloured fairy lights.

Modern spirit: unconventional Christmas decor

Christmas decor has traditionally embraced classic colours like red, green and gold. However, in recent years, we've observed interior designers infusing a touch of modernity and creativity into the Christmas decor landscape.

We now see black trees adorned with oversized silver baubles, or pink trees adorned with white feathers and touches of sparkle - the possibilities are boundless. If your Christmas decor showcases your playful, imaginative and creative personality with the use of modern and unique decorations, rest assured that we have the curtains to match.

From Barbie pink to vibrant ochre and bold blue, we truly have something to suit all styles. Christmas is the season to let the maximalist inside of you shine. Allow yourself to create a home with new wonders behind every door.

Curtain measurements matter too

Before you get carried away with all the fun of choosing your curtains, remember that getting the right fit is essential. A curtain too short or narrow will let in unwanted light and draughts, while one that's too long can be a tripping hazard.

To avoid this common mistake, always measure twice. First from top to bottom (length), then across from side to side (width). And don't forget about the rod length as well.

Maintaining your curtains after Christmas

As we deck the halls with boughs of holly, let's not forget to give some love and care to our festive window dressings. After all, those lovely curtains are doing more than just spreading cheer, they're also protecting your home from prying eyes and harsh winter draughts.

Treating stains on your curtains

The first rule in maintaining your curtains is addressing stains promptly. Whether it’s a splash of mulled wine or crumbs from mince pies gone astray, immediate action can prevent lasting damage.

Start by blotting – never rubbing – the stain gently with a clean cloth soaked in warm water mixed with mild detergent. But remember - each curtain type has specific cleaning instructions so always check before you start.

Freshening up between seasons

Your curtains may need a freshen-up after being stored away between seasons. A light vacuum can help remove dust that may have settled during storage. If there's no obvious dirt but they still smell musty, hanging them out on a breezy day can work wonders.

If your curtain fabric allows for washing (check those labels again), then do so at low temperatures using gentle detergents designed for delicate fabrics. This will ensure vibrant colours remain unharmed while banishing any unwanted odours picked up over time.

Packing away post-holiday season

If you’re taking your curtains down and storing them ready for next year, make sure to store your curtains in a cool, dry place. Fold them carefully, ideally with acid-free tissue paper between layers to prevent colours from bleeding into each other. Avoid places with fluctuating temperatures as this can encourage mildew growth.

It’s not just important to store your curtains properly, you should store all of your Christmas decor pieces correctly to increase their longevity. Sadly, all good things come to an end including displaying our cherished Christmas decorations. When packing away until next year, make sure that everything is clean and completely dry to avoid any unpleasant surprises when you reopen them.

Breakable pieces should be wrapped in bubble wrap. It’s also a good idea to store similar items together and label boxes, you’ll thank yourself next year. Avoid storing in areas you know are prone to getting damp, for example old garages and sheds. The best place to store your Christmas decorations is in a dry, insulated loft or a well-ventilated cupboard.

Mending small damages

No need to panic if you're not a whizz with a sewing machine. Small tears or loose threads in your curtains are usually easy to mend with a simple needle and thread. And remember, these little repairs can extend the life of your beloved curtains significantly.

Further Christmas decorating ideas

Due to our passion for interior design and our love for all things Christmas, we have come up with some useful tips and advice on how to turn your home into a Christmas wonderland with ease.

  • Create a vision

Try to imagine what you want your home to look like once all the hard work of seasonal decorating is complete. Take into consideration the style of your home and what would complement your current decor. Create a vision board on Pinterest of Christmas decor that inspires you.

This will help you to work out what items you need to buy and what you can repurpose from previous years. When taking into consideration purchases, make sure you set a budget. Christmas can be an expensive time of year so ensure you make a realistic budget and try to stick to it.

Curtains can be brought out year after year or even kept up throughout the year if they match your usual decor. This means they’re a good investment. However, items such as Christmas crackers and expensive wrapping paper are one-use, so look at areas where you can cut costs by shopping smart.

  • Declutter

Having a clean and tidy backdrop is a must before embarking on adorning your house with holiday decor. Tidy up your living spaces and temporarily store away non-essential items such as ornaments and vases to make room for Christmas pieces.

  • Choose a colour palette and theme

Once you’ve created your vision you can start to see what the common denominators are. Do you find yourself liking more traditional colour schemes or something a little more eccentric?

It’s now time to pick a theme (and stick to it). Picking a theme can help you to create a cohesive and enchanting experience within your home. You can either embrace a theme for your entire house or experiment with a different theme in each room - whatever speaks to your festive spirit.

Some themes include, ‘timeless and traditional reds and greens’, ‘the magical allure of winter wonderland’, or ‘opulently charming and glamorous gold and silver’.

  • Deck the halls with lights

Christmas lights play an essential role in Christmas decor. Just as you begin with decorating your Christmas tree, we suggest starting with the lights. Once the lights are in place, you can then incorporate other decorative elements. Consider stringing fairy lights along your staircase bannister and around photo frames and mirrors. For a warm and cosy atmosphere, we recommend using warm white lights.

  • Decorate your tree with care

Your Christmas tree is the centrepiece of your holiday decor. Start with the lights, then add garlands, followed by ornaments and finish with an angel or star on the top.

Create depth and dimension by mixing different-sized, shaped and textured baubles. Make sure to stand back and see how your tree is looking at regular intervals as you may choose to rearrange certain ornaments.

  • Greenery

The next time you embark on a crisp winter walk, keep an eye out for natural treasures such as pine cones, berry sprigs, holly and fir. These look great artfully-arranged around candle holders or woven into garlands and wreaths, all while being a budget-friendly option.

  • Decorate outside

Extend a warm welcome to your guests with outdoor decor. Crafting your own wreath not only yields beautiful results but it also adds an element of personality to the front of your home. Picture yourself immersed in this delightful activity while enjoying the heartwarming classic, Love Actually for the umpteenth time.

You can also add outdoor lights, snow machines, inflatable characters and so much more to spread festive cheer among the local community.

  • Incorporate cosy textiles

Introduce soft textures to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Swap out your regular cushions and throws for ones in holiday-inspired patterns and colours, like the throws we mentioned earlier.

  • Create a show-stopping Christmas table

Whether you’re hosting a grand feast or an intimate dining experience, making your table the centre of festive cheer is never a bad idea. Create a touch of sparkle with the Chester Striped Tablecloth (available in gold or silver) blended with metallic yarns.

Opt for festive napkins, fun crackers and creative centerpieces that tie in with your overall theme. Add candles for traditional ambience.

  • Festive fragrances

Engage the senses with holiday scents. You can do this by lighting festive scented candles, simmering mulled wine on the stove or placing potpourri in strategic locations. The smells of cinnamon, spices, pine, ginger and cloves are sure to evoke the Christmas spirit in even the biggest of Grinches.

  • Personal touch

Seek out personalised stockings and Christmas Eve boxes, and hang up pictures from Christmases past, turning your home into a living album of happy memories. Display baubles that hold sentimental value at the front of your tree.

A great way of ensuring your Christmas decor is as personal as possible is by DIYing a lot of it. If you have children you can ask them to help make paper chains and decorations for the tree, and paint plates for Santa’s mince pies.

  • Set out a decorating timeline

Create a clear goal of when you want to have your decorating complete, and also set a date for when you plan to bid farewell to the festive decor. Having a well-defined schedule ensures a seamless transition from the holiday cheer to the promise of the new year.

  • Spread joy with music

Create a Christmas playlist full of your favourite Christmas songs, from classic carols to more modern holiday tunes. Music helps to get people into the festive mood and creates a lovely atmosphere.

  • Safety first

While safety is last on our list, it’s definitely the most important. Remember to prioritise your safety by ensuring lights are in good condition, not overloading outlets, keeping flammable materials away from heat sources, bending properly when lifting heavy objects, and not standing on uneven surfaces to decorate hard-to-reach areas.

No matter your style, we’re sure your home is going to look fantastic in time for Christmas. Whether you’re a Christmas fanatic who covers every room in tinsel and Christmas lights or someone who prefers subtle hints of Christmas cheer, there is no right and wrong when it comes to seasonal decor.

At The Mill Shop, we really hope this blog has inspired you to revamp your curtains in time for Christmas and transform your home into a festive haven. For more information and inspiration from our exceptional team, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01623 445480. We're here to assist with all of your interior design, Christmas decorating and curtain enquiries.


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