12th Nov 2021

Colour Palettes for Cities Around the World

Colour Palettes for Cities Around the World

When decorating, it’s common to create a colour palette to assist with colour combinations. This creates cohesion in a room or even marks out certain zones in an open plan design. The colours we choose will affect the feel of the space. They might influence our mood too. Warmer colours are inviting and cosy, whilst cool colours can be stark or calming. So what colour palettes can be found in the world’s most famous cities? Could they influence the way we feel when we visit them?

Let’s be honest, nobody plans a colour palette for a whole city, but due to culture, weather, architecture and lifestyle, certain colours become prominent in certain cities. You probably haven’t thought about it before, so we’ve reduced these into city-based colour palettes for you to enjoy. You could even take inspiration from these to decorate a room to give you the feel of a place you long to visit again. Let’s take a look at some of the colours you’ll see on a trip around the world…


Amsterdam Colour Palette

This colourful city has a colour palette to match. It’s vibrant and fun, creating feelings of energy and happiness.


Bergen Colour Palette

Combining nature and culture, Bergen feels warm and inviting. There’s a certain cosy glow about how all these colours come together.

Cape Town

Cape Town Colour Palette

The colour palette for Cape Town reflects nature. The mountains provide a great base which is offset by the brighter colours of the sky and the grasslands.


Dubai Colour Palette

Warm and balmy, the colour palette for Dubai is almost dream-like. These gorgeous tones all meld together beautifully.


Dubrovnik Colour Palette
The vibrant Adriatic sea contrasts well with the Terracotta. Add a hint of cypress and bougainvillea and you’ve got a truly tempting colour combination.


Kolkata Colour Palette
Think warmth and bold colours, and you’ve got a splash of Kolkata. It’s inviting and vivid, spreading happiness and joy.


London Colour Palette

Muted and strong, London’s colour scheme is business-like and professional. The great British weather has an influence on London’s colour palette, but bright London buses help to offset the sombre base tones.


Moscow Colour Palette

Moscow’s colours are majestic and compelling. The variety of blue tones are both calming and exhilarating, and the warm tones which offset them create real contrast.

New York

New York Colour Palette

The cooler tones of brownstone and liberty are given some zing with the iconic yellow of the New York taxi. This creates the feeling of optimism, after all it is the city of dreams!


Paris Colour Palette

Refined and classy, the hues of Paris reinforce its standing as a city for art, romance and sophistication. Dreamy and calming, the city colour palette fosters those feelings of love that many of us flock there for.


Rome Colour Palette

This historical city is a centre for art, architecture and religion. The colours we see are classical and muted, establishing longevity and simplicity.


Tokyo Colour Palette

Bright, vibrant and busy. Tokyo is fast-paced and modern, and its colour palette reflects that. Full of neon signs and technology, you’ll experience an array of colours in Tokyo unlike anywhere else.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tour around the world in colour palettes. Next time you decorate, maybe you’ll bring a flavour of your favourite city to your home, so you can feel like you’re there every day! 

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