18th Nov 2022

Can Curtains Cover a Radiator?

Can Curtains Cover a Radiator?

Something that people often wonder is ‘can curtains cover a radiator?’, the short answer is yes. In this post, we uncover whether it’s a good idea to cover a radiator with curtains or not, read on to find out more.

Curtains serve a lot of purposes and to some, this may be to look aesthetically pleasing in their living room or bedroom. To others, they are for blocking out the bright sunshine from entering your home.

You can have your curtains covering your radiators but you’ll need to think about the consequences before you decide to do it.

Hanging your curtains over your radiators means that there is a chance they could be blocking warm air from entering the room. At the moment while the cost of living is ever rising, this might be something you want to consider.

Home heating is becoming very expensive. So taking some simple steps to become more energy efficient and to save some money is essential. If you're taking other measures elsewhere in your home to save on heating, why not apply this to your curtains too?

If you leave your curtains to hang over your radiator all the way to the floor then the heat from the radiators is pushing out towards your windows. Ideally, this isn’t where you want the heat the most when we hit those colder months. Keeping warm air inside is a great way to save on having your heating on constantly. If you only have to heat a room for a few hours a day, you may well see decent reductions in your fuel bills over time.

How long should my curtains hang?

Choosing to hang your curtains above a radiator is perfectly fine. However it's best if your curtains sit a maximum of 2-4 centimetres above a radiator to prevent the curtains from blocking any wanted heat. If by chance your curtains do cover your radiator at all it is recommended that you tuck them behind the radiator and not block it.

This advice applies to a whole range of radiators. This could be a single panel, double panel, horizontal, vertical or column model, it doesn't matter.

Hanging full length curtains over your radiator may be trendy or in line with your decor, but it also could cost you a lot of money that you don’t want to be spending.

How Should I Hang Curtains Over My Radiator?

If you’re looking for advice on the best placement for your curtains then read on. Here’s our advice on how you should hang curtains over your radiator.

  • When your curtains fall over your radiator make sure you aren’t covering the radiator, remember to tuck them into the top of the radiator so the heat can still circulate.
  • If you choose to go for floor-length curtains, make sure they don’t cover your radiator, if they sit to the side, that’s okay!
  • Make sure you have something to secure the curtains on either side so they don’t fall on the radiator, curtain tiebacks would work perfectly.

If you’re worried about your curtains and their placement, or you need advice on curtains in general, the team at The Mill Shop can offer advice.  Contact us here or give them a call today on 01623 4454

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