15th Nov 2021

The Best British Interior Designers on Instagram

 The Best British Interior Designers on Instagram

If you’re not following interior design accounts on Instagram, you’re missing out. Just think about all of the free access to styling tips, home renovation journeys, and fresh perspectives that could help you to transform your own home.

But where to begin? It’s no secret that Instagram can feel like a sea of content, so we’re here to help. We’ve spoken to three of the best up-and-coming interior design accounts on Instagram that all showcase different takes on what interior design can mean.

Ready to feel inspired? Read on to discover the best British interior designers on Instagram…

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First up, we haveohmyedwardian, a home interior design account run by Rachy. Her account is all about the renovation and decoration of her Edwardian villa, which was built back in 1909!

Modern Edwardian Villa

Photo credit - @ohmyedwardian

It’s safe to say that Rachy has been very busy renovating her very own dream home. And although she’s been careful not to totally erase the original character that made her fall in love with the house in the first place, she’s successfully managed to put her personal touch and modern twist throughout the home - creating a captivating and remarkable modern Edwardian villa.

Living Room Interior Deisgn With Carpet

Photo credit - @ohmyedwardian

She’s beautifully made her mark with her interior design choices, with every room more interesting and stunning than the next. Her account really embraces a colourful design palette, whilst still ensuring that every room flows into one another beautifully. She definitely is not afraid to think outside of the box!

Ohmyedwardian is an Instagram account that truly offers visually stunning decor inspiration without forgetting about functionality, and you’ll also get to follow along with her renovation journey - with plenty of styling tips and honest product recommendations along the way. I mean, who wouldn’t want to rock a pastel pink front door?

Pastel Pink Front Door

Photo credit - @ohmyedwardian

Here’s a little bit of what Rachy had to say about where her passion for interior design came from:

“My inspiration for my home has come from all of the beautiful and real homes that people share on Instagram. It’s amazing to search a hashtag (such as #myhousethismonth) and see so many gorgeous interior design photos.”

If your style inspiration is a little eclectic, with a love for all things house plants, clashy patterns, and vibrant colours - ohmyedwardian will help you to create a style like this in your own home.

Littlemcrhouse Interior Design

Photo credit - @ohmyedwardian


Next, we have the littlemcrhouse Instagram account, which is run by Pippa. Littlemcrhouse has caught the attention of many, featuring in the likes of The Times and HomeStyle Magazine!

We guarantee that a quick scroll through pictures of her dreamy Victorian terrace home will leave you feeling inspired! Pippa is not only known for her stunning interior design talents, but she’s also the quintessential DIY guru.

British Interior Design

Photo credit - littlemcrhouse

If you follow along on Pippa’s journey, you’ll be met with lots of tips on how you can achieve your perfect home (even on a budget!), and of course, plenty of imagery to get you inspired to begin on your own journey.

Pippa Comfort Room

Photo credit - littlemcrhouse

It’s fun to see how Pippa has single-handedly transformed a once Victorian terrace that required some serious TLC, into a reimagined space that’s bursting with personality. But do you know what’s better? Pippa’s dog, Mags. You’ll see plenty of Mags enjoying life at home!

Home Office Design

Photo credit - littlemcrhouse

Here’s a little bit of what Pippa had to say about where her passion for interior design came from:

“To be really honest, I never knew I had a passion for interior design until I bought my house! In the past when I’d lived in rented accommodation, I always loved looking for cool furniture or ways I could accessorise - but then when I bought my house I got really into it.

It was a total renovation project and the house needed gutting, so that meant I was able to spend time looking at every element, deciding what I wanted it to look like. I got sucked into the Instagram and Pinterest hole and now here we are!

I wanted to create a space that felt like my own, and so when I see something I love, I just go for it!

My most recent project was my home office. I wanted a light space but as I knew the walls were going to be a super light colour I added detail with the panelling and darker ceiling to create the depth so it’s still super minimal - but not plain.”

Panelling and Darker Ceiling

Photo credit - littlemcrhouse


Next up, we have the queen of neutrals - Dannielle! Also known as ourspringfieldhomeon Instagram. If your style aspirations are contemporary meets farmhouse, ourspringfieldhome is the account to follow.

Flowers in Dining Area

Photo credit - ourspringfieldhome

Dannielle has done a superb job of encapsulating this trendy decor style, whilst also incorporating interesting patterns (we love the damask!) with a neutral palette. She’s successfully created one of the cosiest and homeliest homes on Instagram!

What you can expect to see when following Dannielle's interior design journey is plenty of her getting creative with painting and panelling DIY jobs, along with style and design tips. We just love the variations in every room. And of course, Evie - her chihuahua companion that’s always up for a photo or two.

Dog Sitting in Sofa

Photo credit - ourspringfieldhome

Here’s a little bit of what Dannielle had to say about where her passion for interior design came from:

“My interest in interior design stems back from my mum and my nan. They both are really house proud. As I’ve grown I’ve loved incorporating elements of modern and country farmhouse styles into our home - which definitely reflects my personality. I take most of my inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest!”

Extensive Range of Soft Furnishing

Photo credit - ourspringfieldhome

We hope that you’ve enjoyed catching up with some of the best Interior design Instagram accounts to follow. At the Mill Shop, we offer an extensive range of soft furnishings, so if you’re feeling inspired by what you’ve seen start exploring our site now!

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